>Paul and chocolate chips crisis

Paul is right. Spain won yesterday match. I bet those German want to make a soup out of Paul.
It just an animal though.. sheesh..lighten up.
Today is messy day. I feel messy. Everything is a mess here. Clean dry clothes in one big bin bag and the kitchen is in mess.
Oh well… at least I will move around. It is not as sunny as yesterday but sure dry my clothes pretty quickly!
I feel like baking though personally I swore off baking ..but I couldn’t help it!! I want something to munch!! Can you believe it is impossible to find chocolate chips here?!! No chocolate chip in the store!!! There is chocolate chip cookies but noooooooooooooo chocolate chip for baking!!!!

I guess I just use what they have in store… modification is way of life…


Paul the Octopus predicts Spain will win tonight. Yes, a real life octopus predicts football match. We will see…
I’ve seen Germany beat Argentina and personally, Germany is a very strong team. As people who loves football said “the ball is round, anything could happen”.

So Paul.. we will see how it is going to be. If Spain wins, I bet you can stay being octopus. If not, you could very much make a good meal…;)