Wondermama did a wonderful job

Wondermama, Wonderful food experience, at least that what my impression of that place. 
Situated at the corner of Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur. This cosy little diner has more than meet the eye, at first glance, it may look like any other hip eating places around KL & PJ but let me guarantee you that it doesn’t take much to satisfied my craving of foods. I am a simple girl who like a good food and good food is what I found here. 

It may not has the most elaborate list of menus and varieties of beverages but with a lot of food choices and beverages, the food is either a hit or a miss. 

A great thing bout short menu list is shorter decision making and the food we choose would be as good as next person. No less or more. I think what they are doing are brilliant. 

At first I thought it was a dessert places, the place is more less looks like Wondermilk, an over expensive cupcakes that I can live without but a friend of mine manage to get me to step into this place, which I have a resolution to try at least one new restaurant every time I go out.
I do not want to comment about customer service and what not since I am not really particular of such details/minor things…though  regards to that, coming from retail background before, if waitress or waiter kinda rude to you on Saturday with handful of people coming and anxious, hungry and angry for food, don’t be such a bitch, you will get your food. Capish? You will live.

Since I thought I was hungry {a lie I told myself every time}, I took creamy carbonara spaghetti with sweet chicken and a friend of mine ordered Mee Kari (Curry Noodles).At the end of our meal, let just say we turn into a cow and could might as well sitting under a tree and stay there til the rest of the day. We were THAT full. It was huge potion! 

Do not be fool by this picture. It’s a mind boggling that something look so little can feel unlimited. 

Both of the foods looks great, tasteful and flavorful and leaving me and my friend full with happiness and satisfaction. 

Thank you for my friend, Mazian who manage to drag me to this place though I don’t have picture of the first meal I had here which was a Hor Fun {my saliva start drooling already} but I totally recommend to everyone and anyone who wish to have a favorite Malaysian dish that has been fusion and catered to young and hip people of KL. 
I wish this establishment will maintain their deliciousness, humbleness and creativity of their food arts. 
 {The author would like to excuse the lack of “gedik-ness”}
Website: WonderMama

Wondermama did a wonderful job

When a friend wedding is perfect to try a new look

Wedding. ah. On Valentine’s Day? Double ahh. Perhaps a friend of mine choose that day so that her husband remembers it every Valentine’s day. Clever, very clever (whilst clapping hands like villain in the movie).

Put aside, it was lovely wedding and grand. I can see a lot of effort was put for the wedding. It paid off, the food was nice and performance was entertaining. Everything look grand as it supposed to be.

My look is very much a Rush Wedding Look since I slept off while waiting for my friend to tie my saree. I woke up and actually pretty glad she was late.lol.. Usually I am punctual, well most of the time.

I wish I have time to do my hair but I just put it on high bun and pretend I put a lot of effort of not putting an effort… ok? hehe.. an effortless hair do. 

I decided to used Naked 3 palette, because currently I always reaching out to Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette and the feeling of attachment is not healthy in make up. Ah. the truth is, I paid 188 MYR for this freaking palette and I don’t use it?! I might as well put it in the Frame. geez.. myself talking is pretty fierce. 
Here is the look: 

Ze Eyes:
On crease: Nooner and Factory. I blend it out with Limit. 
Outer V: Darken it with Darkside and Blackheart
On lid: Buzz and Dust
Ze face: 
Concealers: Amazing Cosmetics in Tan Golden
Foundation: Benefit’s Big Easy in  Deep Beige 

Eyebrow: Tarte Gel Mousse in Medium Brown and lighten it with Dolly Wink 03. 

Ze Lips: 

Sephora 09 Pleasant Plum and NYX Matt lipstick Tea Rose. 

ok folks! It was easy look. I am all about easy look. Rush look to be precise. 

Thanks for reading! 



When a friend wedding is perfect to try a new look

Johnny Rocket Malaysia

 Burgers are comforting. Burgers are satisfying every inch of carnivorism in human being and Johnny Rocket has been doing that since 1986.

Of course, saying Johnny Rocket’s burgers the best are overrated but after a few burgers either at their restaurant or at the airport where they clap and dance to 80’s hit songs, I admit I like Johnny Rocket. 

Their burgers are enormous and it seems like I should not eat for few days, I need to work my ass out of these burgers, as I would put it an “exorcism of carnivore devils”. 

The price range for burgers are RM 15 to RM 20 and it is not only serving burgers but pasta and steaks too though eating a pasta at burger joint same as eating a salad in an ice cream parlor. 

Here are the burgers.. I am sorry I could not identify which burger is which because I am not a burger police.

Another thing, try the milk shakes. You’ll thank me later. 



Johnny Rocket Malaysia

Waffle Lover at Wafflemeister, KLCC

It was Saturday morning and since I work in graveyard shift,my hunger is differ than normal human being or just me being older. 

I want something sweet and fulfilling so my friend and I went to Wafflemeister located at Level 3, KLCC.

A London based business that specialized Liege waffles.. what is liege waffle? It is caramelized sugar glistering on waffle. 

 How does it taste like? Like a waffle but sweeter. hehe. Ok ok  Is it good? Yes! 

Would I eat here again? Yes! Is it expensive? Hell Yeah! 

I don’t say it is the best waffle but if you are waffle loving freak, try this..it will leave you fulfilling with smile with tons of calories. It is weekend so who cares! 

 A friend of mine who refuse I took her pic are on the verge of exploding since we had a big breakfast.

The place ambiance is cool and it looks like an American diner and it focus on being takeaway rather than sitting in. So do not expect to get seat every time or being an asshole and seat there for too long. 

For more pic, check this out.

Price range is RM 11- RM19.

It was a good waffle. Good waffle. 


Waffle Lover at Wafflemeister, KLCC

Movies Day

Movies Weekend 

This is one of those days where I love to watch movies to spend my weekend at  home.  It was pretty depressing movies I watched which both of them do not end in happy endings. Still, love them and at least I don’t  feel my weekend was wasted. 



One line of review: SAD !!!! 

It is Guillermo Del Toro movie after all…have you guys seen Pan’s Labyrinth? I kinda like his movie as much as I like Tim Burton’s movies or Christopher Nolan’s movies. 

Anna Karenina (2012)

Extra Large Movie Poster Image for Anna Karenina

Short Review: Count Vronsky should have been brunette . Beside, the actor real hair is brunette and he looks good in brunette.The movie:  If you want some theatrical and over the top cinematography, this would be it. 

Escape From Planet Earth


I need happy endings and cartoons seems to be the best choice. Don’t judge me. 
Did you see what emotional turmoil I have endured while watching those 2 movies above..  I need happy endings. It is like happy therapy movie.

The truth is, I never knew this movie until they aired in HBO ..opss. One glance I thought it was Megamind movie,…another blue alien guy?

Remember him? 


Short Review: Quite predictable movie and light-hearted animation.Fun for keeping kids quiet for one and half hours.

I hope you guys had a great weekend and til next time. 


Movies Day

Weekend Trip at Serendah

Sekeping Serendah, Rawang

Last weekend, me and bunch of colleagues went to Serendah, Rawang. One thing for sure, that place was not easy to find. We did end up lost, twice. Finally we arrived later than we expected. It was not a bad thing as we had a jolly good time while we were there.

We took up a Warehouse 2 and it was spacious… you can run and rolling as you please. It was lovely interior and interesting architecture.

There was a few caretakers of the houses and there was a few houses around the area as well, which all of them are exquisitely lovely houses to relax in over the weekend.

this is what type of activities we did…

Swimming pool 

Chillax  corner

Another chillax corner which no one goes as too many chillax corner. 
Arts around the place.

Word of warning, since it is literally inside a thick jungle, it is a secluded as there were no phone coverages and such but there’s a fridge. At least, it made it better. lol. A kitchen always made it better and as well bathrooms. My food plan was to fried than bbq and that is exactly what I did and my girl friends. We did ok and did not waste any foods like previous trip we had at Port Dickson.

Chef Missy Fried Chicken of the day

Everyone tummy is in good hands at the end of the night. We even celebrated our team leader, Rishi on his 34th birthday with his favorite football team, Liverpool.

Moved on, earlier I said bathrooms made it better in the jungle, it does! Warehouse 2 has 3 bathrooms but 2 out of 3 bathrooms had a little opening so if “someone” is tall enough, they can actually can peek-a-boo my booty while I am in shower. Just pray no one will peek or “some one”. It is a jungle after all.(spooky music background).

 closed bathroom.
 Halls of the bathrooms
Not so closed bathroom
Bathroom with a view
After a good fun of foods and laughter, we retreat to our bedrooms which consist of 2 parts, each of them with 3 singles beds and 1 queen size bed.

Even though we did not sleep as soon as we had fun, we continued with series of ghost telling stories, which made me a very sleepy girl and I did surrender to snooze and some of them asleep after day went bright!

I had at least 3 hours of sleep and waking up hungry. Thank god we ordered some breakfast from caretakers, nasi lemak and roti canai.

As soon it was 12 noon, we checked out and headed back to KL. We got lost AGAIN on the way to PJ. Lol!

It was a good fun for 8 of us and hopefully this will add to a good memories for all of them.

End note, the boss got “egged” and happy.

If you like an outdoor trip but still love having a bit of luxuries as kitchen , bathrooms and beds, this is this place to be.
 so I will just swing away!

Surf them up at www.serendah.com for more houses.

Weekend Trip at Serendah

Make UP

Oh You Made Me Blush..

This make up look is quite over the top for me ..not in the pictures.. but in real life. I usually don’t fill-up my brows and I don’t wear too much bright on the cheeks either. I like things subtle but for my make up experiment today because of one boring morning, I’d read an article Tips For Doing Makeup For Photographs. from  Hair and  Make Up by Steph and I wanted to try those tips and basically how I look like when my face is fully made up 100% (not really 100% as I don’t wear eyeshadow …^_^) 
Product that I used:  

Meiko Foundation in 150 
120 palette and blush in Dark Pink 
Hooked on Pink 
Ardell False Lashes and Doll Lashes. 
That is all I was wearing and trust me, I’ve put a lot of those products on my face. 
I’ve buffed the blush as red and possible and brows, I have thicken it as much as my brow let me and face is heavy from putting quite much of the foundation. Particularly that foundation is already thick with one swipe. 
The result, a face that I feel like a clown without any proof my clown-ness. I admit, it does work. I don’t look very made up. Beauty of camera flash! ^_^ sooo.. that how girls with beautiful make up looks like in real.. hmmmmm…. 

For this, it triggers me to try more looks, What’s Next? 

Have a great weekend!


Make UP