When a friend wedding is perfect to try a new look

Wedding. ah. On Valentine’s Day? Double ahh. Perhaps a friend of mine choose that day so that her husband remembers it every Valentine’s day. Clever, very clever (whilst clapping hands like villain in the movie).

Put aside, it was lovely wedding and grand. I can see a lot of effort was put for the wedding. It paid off, the food was nice and performance was entertaining. Everything look grand as it supposed to be.

My look is very much a Rush Wedding Look since I slept off while waiting for my friend to tie my saree. I woke up and actually pretty glad she was late.lol.. Usually I am punctual, well most of the time.

I wish I have time to do my hair but I just put it on high bun and pretend I put a lot of effort of not putting an effort… ok? hehe.. an effortless hair do. 

I decided to used Naked 3 palette, because currently I always reaching out to Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette and the feeling of attachment is not healthy in make up. Ah. the truth is, I paid 188 MYR for this freaking palette and I don’t use it?! I might as well put it in the Frame. geez.. myself talking is pretty fierce. 
Here is the look: 

Ze Eyes:
On crease: Nooner and Factory. I blend it out with Limit. 
Outer V: Darken it with Darkside and Blackheart
On lid: Buzz and Dust
Ze face: 
Concealers: Amazing Cosmetics in Tan Golden
Foundation: Benefit’s Big Easy in  Deep Beige 

Eyebrow: Tarte Gel Mousse in Medium Brown and lighten it with Dolly Wink 03. 

Ze Lips: 

Sephora 09 Pleasant Plum and NYX Matt lipstick Tea Rose. 

ok folks! It was easy look. I am all about easy look. Rush look to be precise. 

Thanks for reading! 



When a friend wedding is perfect to try a new look


A Wedding and Make up


2 person in love tied a knot on 18th November 2012 and it was a friend of mine back while I was in Uni. It was a lively
wedding, minus heavy rain we have in KL currently. The theme was gold and very traditional.
My friend looked oh-so-gorgeous on her wedding day and I am sure she was pleased to see all of
her mischievous friends were there for her wedding.

Even though I wasn’t all that traditional with long maxi dress and long torquise cardigan, I am
happy just to be there and beside it would be troublesome to change clothes again as my sister and I
went to the city after the wedding. (opssss)

Here are my make up for the wedding.

Eyes: I am bad of recall what I put on my eyes but roughly, I used Dark Shadow palette and UD Naked palette ( Sin & Smog).

Eyebrow: Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara 

Face: Make Up Forever HD foundation

      Benefit Havana

      Mac Highlighting and Contouring

Lips: Revlon “Pink in The Afternoon”

Here are a sneak peek of Malaysian Wedding. 

This time the groom need to pass “gatekeeper” and have to pay some “ransom” to get to the bride. This tradition is almost faded and
I am glad it is still used in modern time ^_^

I hope Norsha and her husband is blessed with prosperity, health and love til end of time.

TIl next time! Hugs! Hugs!