Sabah 3 days 2 nights trip

Day 1

Back from work at 6 am and all 9 of us are going to Sabah. One of Borneo famous land, which it is known for Mount Kinabalu, Probosis monkeys and Sipadan island. 

We rent a van from office 8:30 am straight to KLIA 2, a new low cost flight replaced LCCT. 

Since a friend of mine arranged the transportation, whom had to cancelled his flight due to unfortunate event. I was in panic mode when the van did not arrived on time and later found out that the driver thought he had to picked us up at 9am! Fortunately, he was around the area and pick us up around 8:45 am. 

We were happy as a bird and chatting how are we going to spend at Sabah and the guys were teasing each other and all that when the highway are in heavy traffic! I was in my second panic mode.. and keep checking my watch and thought “we have time, we have time” when suddenly one of van tires blowed up, literally into pieces.

We were 15 minutes away from the airport and that happened?!! I was in my third panic mode, this time I couldn’t contained myself and start calling my dad and

tell him that we urgently need a transportation and made my dad in a panic mode too. Sorry, dad! Around this moment the mood become so tense and they don’t feel to go through with Sabah trip. I tried to keep a positive mind and say “we can make it” though I am sure my expression reflected otherwise. 

After 15-20 minutes,the PlusRonda arrived and save the day and they were fast too. Once the tire are back on, the driver rush to the airport and we ran like mad kids who always missed the school bus. 

We told ourselves, “We made it! We actually made it”. 

We arrived at 2:30 pm and rented a 12 seater van for RM 660 for 2 days. 

We went to eat at Tanjung Aru since most of us did not had any breakfast. ( Remember tire burst?)

We arrived at Marina Court and settled in our apartment and around 7 pm we headed to Seafood dinner place around the block. 

Here are pics of aparment. Good stay for big group. Jack’s Apartment. 


You really need to eat here at KK Night Seafood
Market between KK Central Market and Segama Watefront. It is famous among Sabahan. All you have to do is choose from all variety of
fishes, lobsters, prawns and etc and tell them how you want to cook it and let them do the work and you will have a feast! A great feast, my tastebud approved! 

The first night of dinner. A sneak peek for all you hungry people. 

After fulfilling our desire of seafood feast, we retreat to our apartment and rest since next day would be a very one day pack activities. 

Day 2

Morning!! It was 5 a.m. and we were up and grumpy to go to Kundasang. We arrived around to a place of heaven on earth. 

It was a must place to visit! It was totally reminded me of New Zealand with their black and white cows and scenery. I felt nostalgic and wanting to go back to
New Zealand. ok.. move along! 

I bought too much dairy products, plain yogurt, waffles with peanut butter and chocolate and chocolate drink. I am ashamed since I broke my vows on Do Not Waste Foods categories. 

After we had fun at Kundasang, we decided to stop at Kinabalu Park before heading back to the city. If you like hiking, you’ll love it here. 

Around 1 p.m. we arrived at the city and straight to go island hopping. We took charter boat since it is cheaper and we were in big group. 3 Islands: Pulau Manukan, Pulau Sapi  & Pulau Mamutik.

I wont bored you with details on how I can’t swim and had a life jacket all along. 

Around 5 p.m. we decided to go back to the city and rest and later that night had our dinner at seafood night market. 

All of us at that moment are beat and since my camera died on me due to lack efficiency of charging it, I don’t have any pic to show you guys. 

We were planning to hang out until late night but one by one saying sayonara and hi to bedroom. Off the lights. 

Day 3 

Woke up around 9 am, feeling refresh and meeting up for breakfast and went to buy sourvenirs for families and friends at Filipino market. 

I bought dried prawns and anchovies for my mom since she requested back home. My mom told me dried prawns from Sabah are delicious, all I know my mom cooks delicious so ingredients pap talk don’t really get to me as yet. 

Before we all went back, we had a massage.
Most of them opt for foot massage but I went for Back Massage. I was having a bad back pain a week before Sabah trip
and it really does wonder and very much needed. I just glad my back pain does not give me any trouble in Sabah. 

We did massage at Warisan Square. Here are the scan for the prices for massage they provided. 

It was a great trip and every one was getting along very well and co-operative.

I had fun 😊 

Until next trip! 


Sabah 3 days 2 nights trip


 A trip to Remember 

On 4th March 2013 til 7th March 2013, My friend and I went to Yogyakarta,Indonesia.

It was tiring honestly but fun nevertheless. It opens my eyes and see the wonders of Yogyakarta.
It fills with arts and culture and they have a reason to be proud of it.

It was my unexpected journey, as I am totally did not prepared anything for the trip, all the tickets and bookings are made by my friend, which is good as I was tied up with work and sickness week before and granted, I was pretty much forcing myself to get well before this trip, see the dedication? ^_^

Day 1

On first day, when we landed, we are greeted by lots of people who obviously selling their taxi service and since we are pretty tired, we ended up took a taxi by the named of Gatot Widodo, an honest man. I will tell you why.

He went on by conversing a small talks and promotes the main attractions of Yogyakarta, I am busy with my phone on money converter while he told us that if we took his taxi service it will cost about Rp900,000 for two days and we have the flexibility on when we want to go and where. Plus, on the last day of our trip, he gave us free of charge from our hotel to the airport,which pretty much seal a deal with me.

It was cheap for me at least and we decided to hire him as our guide for 2 days straight. He asked for deposits and we gave him Rp500,000 on first day and my friend were worried if he screwed us up as we did not have black and white notice that he will be there tomorrow. It is like giving money freely without any solid confirmation. I understand that worry but I for once, thinks he is an honest man.

The next morning when we asked him to pick us up at 7 am to visit Borobudur, he came on time and thus I makes me believe and relief that he is an honest man. perhaps I am naive or just sheer dumb luck. whatever it is, I am glad it worked out alright.

The night before, we went to nearby mall names Malioboro Mall.

 (photo credit: Malioboro Mall)

If you are wondering if we ate something traditional there, we went for western dinner for 3 days straight at Pizza Hut. It was a new experience for me. Their service are definitely different which they have this long speech before we can order anything. It was nice to hear a real Indonesian talk. It’s so sweet and polite.
The food is not expensive after all.

Day 2

After a good sleep and well-rested, we went to Borobudur at 7 am . It was an hour drive and Borobudur was astonishing and mythical. Though the day was raining but it does not dampen our travel spirit to climb up steep stairs. Honestly, the rain does not effect my photographer mood but too much of tourist on small space does get my mood sour.

I did manage to capture the beauty of Borobudur. It is so beautifully mythical, I want to wear ‘sarong’ when I am there. ^_^

This is what inside the bells.


After that we went to Gunung Merapi,it is an active volcanoes which the last it exploded was back in 2010 and 2006. I would thought the land would be forsaken, but there is people still living near the mountain and I understand the feeling of “that is home” for them. Who am I to judge?

Though I am honestly does not remember which comes first of visit but we went to Museum of Ullen Sentalu a  Javanese Culture and Art Museum. Seriously  amazing concept of open museum which we entered through a big wooden door and found ourselves an awe with beautiful landscapes of the museum. Too bad we are forbidden to take pictures of it but maybe you can found it in their website.

It was an educational and yet a very informative tour through the museum. They won’t let anybody to come and just walk around, you need to know why and what is musuem is all about, which is good though I admit I don’t really hear and understand what my tour guide was talking as I am quite unfamiliar with Indonesian languages.

Here are some of their amazing garden that we can actually can take pictures of..

Day 3

As it was raining day before for a few hours, we weren’t very optimistic so we asked Gatot to pick us up around 9 am or later, whatever it is, it was a bright day and I am more than happy to go around a bit more that day.

We went to Prambanan. A Hindu temples and another memorable place to visit. No, a must visit place.
It is majestically and mystically beautiful. The sight of it will linger in your mind for few days even after you left Yogyakarta.

After being an awe for quite a while, we make a move to visit Kraton a Sultan palace where he and his family resides.

We went to Taman Sari @ Water Castle later, which the history behind it is very much a dream of every man, I supposed? Where the Sultan can pick and choose his choice of mistress over the swimming pool by throwing a rose to her and she will be obligated to keep the Sultan smile (if you know what I mean).

 Here are the swimming magnificent pool…from Sultan chamber.

Though I admit the swimming pool is luxurious and the view of swimming pool with breathtaking colors of water makes every women desirable in Sultan’s eyes. I should buy a pool .. am I ? hmmm…

anyway.. move on.

It was bright day, did I told you that already? Did I miss the part where it was hot and humid? Oh yes, we were, it was so hot, every minute I was tempted to skinny dip on that pool. Thank god for my sensible and respect for the history of the place.
Because we weren’t expecting anything more than this magnificent pool, we were lead to another unexpected place which it is an underground  mosque nearby the Water castle.

 I don’t believe this is a mosque, I can’t believe it but I need to believe it because it is a mosque. Get it? no? ok. move on.. 


We are back at the hotel at least 1700 and straight we went to Malioboro street to do some shopping. Not really. We did however shop at Soga Boutique along the way Prambanan and at Prambanan itself.

I won’t be dwelling on what I shopped there as I want to keep it to myself. ^_^

Prices of attraction place as in 2013

Borobudur Entrance fee: Rp190,000
Prambanan entrance fee: Rp190,000
Discount : Rp20,000
Total: Rp360,000

Taman sari: Rp7,000

Parking lot fee: varies from Rp2,000 to Rp5,000

Day 4

We went home to Kuala Lumpur and face the reality of having seeing emails full of unfinished work. Nice view after a week of magic. *face palm* 

Overall, I am glad my friend, Mazian dragged my ass out to Yogyakarta. It was truly an eye opener and humbling experience.

I had fun but next time, I will remind myself to bring an adapter. *Face palm*

                                                                             Have fun travel !





– Perfect Short Trip over the Weekend- 



All hail the Sultan! 

Historical Land




Jonker Street 




Hotel Puri Malacca 


Food- Cendol & Ice Kacang


Have a great Day!!



Travel with Open Mind

Penang : Another Island Paradise

After 4 days being in Penang, I’ve often wanting to go back there. The old buildings, the laid back environment and scrumptious foods. I bought my family here as my dad keep talking about wanting to go back to Penang after he was here back in 1995, while he was in a band. Fortunately, he was really active to walk around and seems to know around there again. Bring back memories he said as he talked about how he and his musician friends ate at “Jimi Hendrix Alley” or now it is been called “Line Clear Restaurant” at wee hours after playing music and met with bunch of colorful people of Penang. It made me glad to bring my family here.

It is no surprise that Penang is go to destination for tourist. Local and international. Even I am hooked~ ^_^

This is a perfect weekend. 

May all our Weekends are perfect!

Travel with Open Mind