Fashion: Shoe

Scary Beautiful Shoe.

It remind me of something twisted dark mind of Stephen King or artist Mark Ryden to do such shoe or someone like Bjork.  right? right? ^_^ 

The way she walked in that shoe remind me of Ogre from Lord of The Rings. Oh my! Maybe Van der Vyver got inspiration from LOTR? maybe? maybe?

Whether you said the ugly-scary-wtf-fascinating shoe it is, this shoe won an award… Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

To read more about this shoe, go to Yahoo! News.


Fashion: Shoe


I am on my way to  be Crazy Cat Lady …….
Once there was a girl who adore cats but recently she love collecting them in merchandise items. Every things has cat element in it. 
It get worse when she found out there is a website with cute long necklace/ locket for cat lovers. 


 It is not particularly for cats only but the images that they used are vintage which made it harder for her not to be Crazy Cat Lady….. The end. 🙂 

This was locket I bought from the website, I bought it as soon as I laid my eyes on it. Price RM28, it doesn’t put a hole on my purse…. 🙂 

Go and Check the website out! 🙂 For accessories lovers…
A peek of stuffs their selling….


** p/s: I am not affiliated with this company. All my purchases are from my own hard earn money. Unless stated otherwise. **

                                                                Have a Great Tuesday!



That’s me with my favorite dress and favorite cardigan. Free Gina Tricot cardigan which I am lucky to found it when I was digging at recycle center! AHA moment for me there! Since then, I wear it with almost anything… ^_^

My dress is from SUNGEI WANG ❤ and slippers from IPANEMA. ^_^

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I love cute things and so are you! ^_^ I mean who doesn’t? I found these rings at Sungei WANG. My Favorite Place in the world. Like seriously. No matter how far I go, my heart will always be in SUNGEI WANG. ^_^

So this cute rings are RM10 each. Not Swarovski, Habib Jewels or Cartier. If you want to brag me about having those expensive jewels, be my guess, as if I care. ( actually, I do and I will kill you tonight)

 Have a nice night!



Girls Day Out 

It was my friend birthday, Amy and we hang out at KLCC park until Sungei Wang.It was great shiny day and we had so much fun. Wishing her a very great birthday and more years to come! ^_^

I didn’t managed to took picture of look of that day because I was pretty much in rush so I am substitute it with what I was wearing that day.

Skirt! The older I get, I love wearing skirts. It is breezy, looks very much casual or smart depends on how you wear itand it is easy when I go to the loo too. ^_^ I love being a girl! ^_^

Skirt: My sister’s
Top: Fashion’s Boutique, Sungei Wang
Cardigan: Gina Tricot
Belt: F.O.S
Shoe: Sembonia

Everyone, this is my gal pal,Amy. We’ve been friends since my red-riding-hood at University. We will do little project together regarding make up and all things related or none related? ^_^ Stay tuned!

She have gorgeous bracelets.^_^
End of the day, I can’t feel my legs. Happy Feet.