Smokey Look made a day

Dang! It was Sunday and I got up a bit wee early… so since I have much free time before checked out and my sis were snoring behind me, I did a day time smokey look (?) which featuring Naked 3 palette. Since that is the only palette I brought with me for my  colleague’s wedding on Saturday. 


Crease: Essence Sun Club Brunnette bronzer    (I  really like this being my transition color) 
 Naked 3 Factory 
 Blend it with Nooner and Limit

Lid: Sephora Sun Kissed No.78 

Lashes: Benefit’s They’re Real mascara 

Liner: Maybelline Masterliner in Brown
Brow: Line with In2it pencil brow in Brown and fill it in with Tarte Eye Gel mousse in Medium Brown.


Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in Tawny ( My skin is ever changing, and easily tan so currently I am a teeny weeny bit fair so I can rock this shade .. *Sigh*) #Tangirlsproblems 

Essence Sun Club Brunnette Bronzer all over my face. 

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Medium Plus ( it does give a hint of glow) 

Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder no. 55 to set everything to prevent sweating too much like a bull seeing red. 


L’Oreal Color Riche in Beige Sienna 

A little smokey doesn’t hurt. That’s my justification of wearing smokey look in the middle of the day. 
Probably my statement receive rolled eyes and sympathy look . Hey, but it made me happy. 🙂


Smokey Look made a day

Tutorial – Vice 3 Make Up Look 1

Keep reading for details of deed on look above… 

Vice 3 Make up look 2 I did last week so here are the tutorial.

All from Vice 3 palette by Urban Decay only base from Maybelline Color Tattoo.

So here it is, I hope I dont’t sound too complicated… 

Step 1: Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tenacious Teal to make blue more blue than blue. 

Step 2: On crease, Heroine and blend outward. 

Step 3: Keep blending my friend, may the force be with you. 

Step 4: Feeling your arms dropping off from excessive blending, we add Dragon to lower lash cause I have no idea where else to put this color on lid. 

Step 5: Freeze on lid, did you see how blue the color blue is? *psycho eyes* 

Step 6: Blend the crease with the same brush on Heroine, my brush is high so blending is the theraphy. No adding color, ja? 

Step 7: Add Brokedown above crease which I don’t know where else to put this color either. 

Step 8: Blend Heroine and Brokedown together with fluffy brush so it
blend nicely. 

Step 9: Line your eyes with Benefit Push Up line, do as drama or less drama as appropriate. 

Step 10: Glue your lashes with ridiculous fake lashes so the look more pretty in picture. At this point, girls with long lashes are on my hate list. 

Step 11: Powder my T-zone with MAC Skinfinish Mineralize in Medium Plus. I fall in love with this powder again. 

Step 12: Take a lot of selfie to show how wonderful your eyes looks. Pose it girl! 

Close up 

Natural Light 

Flash Light 

I hope you enjoy this tutorial! Fyi, some time my eye look tend to turn out different than I intended to be just because I forget how the routine are. Lol! 


Tutorial – Vice 3 Make Up Look 1

Weekend Makeup

Weekend Make up 

Essence “Over The Taupe” Quattro Palette  

Look #2

Hello again to my humble blog,

This is my second look of Essence “Over The Taupe” Quattro palette. 
IF you notice, my right eye have more smokey-ness as I did put black kohl from Miss Rose all over my lids prior to my eyeshadow and my left eye , I just use the eyeshadow from the palette. 
I like the smokey look so I prefer with kohl look. Either way, this palette really rocks! 

Here’s the look which I did vertical gradient technique. If you want to know more about this make up technique, please check out MakeUp By Bun Bun for Asian eyes. Her article about Asian eyes and how to apply eye shadows is magnificent! I learned a lot! At least I don’t feel my eyes is weird to work with! 
~~~~~ With Kohl~~~~ 

~~~Without Kohl~~~~ 

                     ~~~With Kohl ~~~~~                ~~Without Kohl~~                                 

  I hope you like it~  Have a great day and See you soon~ 

Note: Link to my first look on this palette: Look #1


Weekend Makeup

Make up Weekend

Weekend Makeup

 Essence “Over The Taupe” Quattro

Look #1

Happy Weekend!

It has been awhile that I played with my eyeshadow. I did not stop playing with it, especially buying it but it seems I lost the touch or mojo. I am blaming the work.

I work night shift hence my laziness is increasing by letting my skin breathe and look as pale as possible.
I am impressed by women who have discipline to apply make up every day to work and after praying. I salute you.

Cut to the chase, I am currently playing with Essence “Over The Taupe” Quattro palette.

I will try to make some looks out of this 4 colors only. Wish me luck. ^_^

 The Not So  Close Up.. Final look. 

Thanks! I’ll see you soon! Have a great Sunday! 

Make up Weekend

eye makeup

   Not-So-Natural Eye Make up
I would say so-so natural.. It just happened that I get bored when I think I did natural eyes and end up smoking it. GREAATT…. well.. natural smokey then?!. 

I created this look from Sleek “Storm” Palette that I bought a few days ago. I am officially in love with Sleek palette. Why? It is so pigmented, and creamy like texture, I don’t need a primer to make it stand out~ How awesome! 

Of course, only for this purpose and I don’t go anywhere. If I were going out, I’ll definitely wear primer underneath. 
To make it more lazy natural smokey eye look, I just skip mascara. It was awkward at first but it turns out alright. ^_^ 
1. U must have an eye. So prep it and it better be clean. I am not responsible for any damages on your eyes. 

 2. Add lighter color half of your lid and another half a bit darker color. 

 3. Line your eyes with eyeliner. I am using Kajal by Miss Rose. 

 4. Smudge it outward……. 
5. You’re done~! yay! 



eye makeup