Fashion: Shoe

Scary Beautiful Shoe.

It remind me of something twisted dark mind of Stephen King or artist Mark Ryden to do such shoe or someone like Bjork.  right? right? ^_^ 

The way she walked in that shoe remind me of Ogre from Lord of The Rings. Oh my! Maybe Van der Vyver got inspiration from LOTR? maybe? maybe?

Whether you said the ugly-scary-wtf-fascinating shoe it is, this shoe won an award… Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

To read more about this shoe, go to Yahoo! News.


Fashion: Shoe

  Sexiest Shoe: My Version

While I was exhausted going around interviews back and forth, my mind is having its dreaming episode
 about having Jimmy choo’s or Blahnik’s which  I couldn’t afford it (YET). See how I put
YET in capital letters? Optimistism is important people. ^_^ I couldn’t help but to search for my own sexy shoes. I did
put up 2011 Sexiest Shoes according to accumulative polls but I want to have MY OWN sexy shoes list.

I want to know what is your sexy shoes list as well. ^_^ Even if it is just a dream but Dream is something that I look forward to everyday ^_^

Lastly, sexy shoe that I own and rarely wear-.- I admit. Forever 21 Gladiator Platform


Shoe Galore

 Sexiest Shoe in 2011

According to Women’s Wear Daily, Footwear News and Saks Fifth Avenue which they diligent enough to go around and asked women or men ( I guess)   35,000 voters on the sexiest shoe of 2011.

They are very sexy shoes, even look at them is better than looking at Playboy bunnies. It is like no feet are beautiful enough to wear them. 

In 4th place, we have…

Chrissie Morris suede, mesh and stingray peep-toe ankle boot, $1,365 (gulp!) 

In 3rd place, we have….

Prada knee-high leather boot with covered platform,1,200USD

 In 2nd place, we have

Jimmy Choo Swarovski crystal-encrusted sandal with double ankle straps, $2,095

 photo: photobucket

 And the MOST SEXIEST SHOE of 2011 is …

Valetino Platform lace, 695USD
 photo: shineyahoo
 Have a great SEXY day!
Shoe Galore