Black Nails

Recently I am obsess with Black and Gold combo and over the weekend, I did a manicure with black nails and white nail art.Too bad it doesn’t have gold color but I love it and it has been 5 days and my nail color are still alive aka no

chipping. 🙂 
I did my nails at Snips, Sungei Wang. 
I don’t know how long my love for black
will last but I am enjoying it at the moment.  🙂 
Til then! Xoxo Shareena 

Black Nails

 Essence Nail Art 

Express Dry Drops

Heellooo Wednesday! 
This is a quick post on Essence Nail Drop! if you have access to it, buy it! I bought this for RM 10 and because the store I believe is closing down, so this will be my last encounter….. I will embrace it…. the time I have with this easy peasy nail top coat…. 
Fast drying and it lasted my nail polish for more than 3 days…that’s pretty good in my book! 
I said it is easy peasy because of its design…. 
1-2 drop is enough to cover one nail…. 
Great huh? 
Have an awesome day! 

Stamp Nails!

Essence Stamp Nail Set

I love the idea of stamping nails..and it is easy.. is it? Not in my position…. I don’t have that special nail polish and I just used my old thick Wild and Crazy nail polish. So the pay off of my stamping is just OK.
A few month ago, my sister went to Germany and I asked her to buy me this nail stamp set from Essence. It is darnnnn cheapo! I should have asked her to buy me more than one! Never mind… 
Inside the stamp set….. 

I have a good hard lesson not to buy a very filthy cheap stamp set… it doesn’t work at all… but ….
Essence is great! Genuinely great to work with.. easy picking up colors and clean as well.. Cheap and quality!

 As being extra diligent, I’ve put all the image on my nails … ( not all, I only have 10 fingers)… Mind you that the image is a bit crocked as this is my first time applying it so is a bit mess… 🙂 I just embrace the imperfection… 

I think we don’t have this brand here in Malaysia no more as I saw the shop selling this over the weekend is closed and had a Clearance Sale! 😦 I missed it!!!! UGh!…. Another brand shutting down just as I begin to love it… sighh… 

Have a greeaatt dayy!