Review – Interstellar

Interstellar is my horror movie. It is horror that I keep imagine what would I do in space with relativity and time are pretty much different on earth and being in the middle of space and darkness… darkness on earth I can cope since I can run but in space, where Can you run?

It was directed and produced by Christopher Nolan, the man who also directed Inception, so do not watch if you want to watch light hearted movie. 

I don’t want to crack myself to understand the astronaut jargon or physics terms in the movie but it won’t left you totally lost either. 

It is beautiful and horror movie at the same, the vision of space, the black bole, and everything in between connect beautifully. 

Go and watch it. I was at the edge at my seat when the wave in..  

 (This is how I look like when the wave saying hello)

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What are you waiting for? Go and watch it.


Review – Interstellar

Ouija (2014)

Is there any movie with 1920’s theme Ouija movie? 


Anyway, fast forward to 2014, teens messing up with Ouija board and something  disturb them,  well actually they said hello first to the ghost and practically invited it in, so it is not entirely ghost fault. You bloody well know that kind of stuff should not fooling around with. I am superstitious , a bit, a lot, I mean whole lot but anyway moving along…. 
 This is a short review of what I think of this movie after I watched it.  

It is pretty self-explanatory from picture above that I wish I could turn my head 360 degrees rather than watch the movie . 


Or perhaps I shouldn’t floss my teeth anymore… 

Sorry RM 12 for I betrayed your trust in my movie selection.. 

Predictable teenage horror movie… 

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Thanks bye. 


Ouija (2014)