Review- Goodal Deep Clean Pore Glacial Clay

I am excited to try Goodal WashUp Deep Clean Pore Glacial Clay since I do not feel good about my skin recently.

I found this product at Watson, Pavilion and retail at 8,90MYR each. I was drawn to this product because of its packaging and the fact that I need a mask at that time. It supposed to use it once since it is in small size, I could say a sample but I really appreciate that they produce these small size for us to try it out first. 

It has grainy texture which it is normal for Deep Cleanse wash but it also has mint/ heaty feeling to it when I put it on skin (?). Gosh, I am bad at explaining things. The feeling of heaty or minty is not too much, subtle you can put it that way. 

The result? A nice clean and fresh feeling skin. I’ve used twice a week now and the downside of it perhaps it might or may not made my skin welcome a zit .. a single zit. Or perhaps my skin was acting up lately so I can’t confirm on that yet. I will use it this whole month and update to it if it really break my skin out. 

Overall, it is a nice mask and frankly, I am happy with the result. 
Before I forget, for those who really into Korean brands, this is a Korean brands. 

Not fancy this? Maybe other clay mask you can try at ClioClub.
Review- Goodal Deep Clean Pore Glacial Clay


Mask Attack! 

Following up with my craze mask shopping few days ago. 

Day 1: Grape Seed Mask 

There wasn’t any descriptions on the package. “Moisturizing and Anti-Oxidant” that is all describe the mask.
The good part first, it gaves me a cooling effect on my skin after 5 minutes of putting it on. Yes, AFTER 5 mins.
Usually I will experience cooling the moment I put on it but this is different case, though
I am not sure whether it is a good thing or a bad thing. So moving on, after cleanse my face to perfection
I’ve put on this mask and wait til 15 mins up and the bad thing follows, it drips… the water on the mask is
dripping on my neck and it made it quite difficult to enjoy it. Perhaps that is “cooling” effect?
Overall, I look refresh when I woke up and everything is good for now. ^_^

Day 2: Orange Face Mask

It describes this mask as Nourishes, Moisturises and Brigthens. How it measured? It does brigthen! It actually brighten
my skin or perhaps I am too tired after work that my vision increases to the maximum, who knew?
Though tiredness or not, I know it does work on first application. ^_^ Brigthens!
The bad? It still contains too much water, it drips all over my neck.
The good? Smells mildy orange, refreshed my skin soon after I put it on and brightens!

So give it a go if you have access to this mask. I should buy more of this ^_^ So I could glow in the dark!
Have a great friday! ^_^ 


Facial Mask

When everything seems so down, wear a mask.

It is like a beautiful fate that brought me to this mask shopping as the night before, I was thinking to myself that it had been awhile i didnt pamper meself with a cool mask and when i went to work the next day, a beauty counter open at bandar tasik selatan star lrt station, Savee. it is a Singaporean brand and I did noticed it before but like any new cosmetics line in malaysia, they come and go really  fast and some of them are crappy anyway.

Back to Savee. apparently it seems they have a great bargain for mask, RM 1 per sachet. I bought 12 of them. 2 of which is a powdered anti- acne mask RM5 per sachet weight 30 gram each. It was a great deal as Skinfood’s mask is RM 5 per sachet and it is only one treatment. In term of mask performance, i will perhaps review it one by one.  I am a bit skeptical what will it do to my skin but as long there isn’t any new zits saying hello, I am glad 🙂 and beside you can’t expect that much of miracle. 🙂                   
so here are some of the masks that I’ve grab for now. It would be a long pictures trail to put in one post beside I am wearing one of the mask now! ^_^

Til next time! 


Have great day, gals!                                         


Facial Mask