2014 Sephora Birthday Gift

It was 5th of October and I turned 32 years old and since the last 2 years, I anticipated on Sephora birthday gifts. It was a body lotion on 2012 gifts and small make up palette on 2013 gifts and for 2014 Sephora gave me miniature size of Benefits Watt Up highlighter and They’re Real mascara. 

I do love Benefit cosmetics line from their packaging and their products, it made
up of gorgeous make up heaven. 

I love the mascara, it does makes my eye lashes longer. If you want thick lashes, this is not it though I prefer thickness than longer lashes. 

The Watt Up highlighter is gorgeous too, it has nice finish and nice glow on my skin. For these reason,  I prefer using this on day time rather than High Beam. 

Photo credit

 Photo Credit

I feel like High Beam is appropriate for night time since it finishes more shimmer. 

I am happy to receive both of these miniature goodies and looking forward to next year gift! 

Love , 

2014 Sephora Birthday Gift

  Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara in Mocha

A spontaneous buy, I bought this mascara at Penang. It was a great surprise because I never thought
wearing an eyebrow mascara. This is a product when I tried at first, I love it and straight away buy it! ^_^
It compliment my hair color and I love how it changed my look. Me likey!


Price: RM52,90
Available: SASA 

                                                             Does it stay all day? YES!! YESS!! 

Would I repurchased this? yes ( only if I color my hair). 




 For make up I had on:
Eyes: Dark Shadow Palette 

Skin: Make Up Forever HD Foundation 

Mascara: SASA Tinie.

Blush: Benefit’s Havana. 

Have you tried eyebrow mascara?