Lunar New Year, A braid bun & Red Lippie

While firecrackers are having an annual war and kids and moms screaming simultaneously on this joyous Lunar New Year, it always daunt me to do an updo that is so complicated and gives a wow impression on my relatives but after all the helping with my mom and doing zillions chores before any big occasions, I always end up put it in bun. 
So I  think my hair do is so simple, it only need a braid and roll it up into a bun ..{any kind of braid} and a big bow  clip.

Though as I approaching my mid 30’s, bow has become somewhat kid-dish to me but did I listen to myself? of course not. It can be done with a bright color ribbons and smaller bow. 

Pair it with Red Lippie by Bourjois Velvet lipstick in Grand Cru, it last longer and perhaps a good point to make to your nagging relatives with red lipstick.

Have a great Lunar New Year to all my Chinese friends and colleagues. May this goat year bring more prosperity and health and enjoy with your loved ones! 

Lunar New Year, A braid bun & Red Lippie

Benefit Lip & Cheek in Camellia

I always like the idea of multi-purpose products. Great for travel especially.


It is cream consistency and it might not suitable for oily skin. I have an oily skin and of course they aren’t any rules for applying make up but there’s few ways of using it for cheeks. 

1. Before foundation and powder. 

2. After foundation before powder. 

3. After foundation and powder. 

4. Wearing it alone (if you have acne/ scar free skin). 

I normally used before
powder but most of the time, I love applying on my lips alone. 

It is nude shade and has beautiful finish.

Personally, it is a great nude shade and I am glad I purchased it. It would look good with every skin tone and it has become my favorite nude shade. 

Before applying powder and this lip & cheek 

After powder and lip and cheek…

Buy it~! ^_^

oh.. and the bad thing about this is,,, how quickly the casing become dull? It is not even 3 months yet…

Have a great day, peeps! 

Benefit Lip & Cheek in Camellia

PeriPera Tint Milk

PeriPera Tint In Peach Milk

Last week, I picked up Lip Tint from PeriPera at Watson’s. Though I prefer lipstick but since I do not want to be obvious that I am wearing lipstick while at work,  I tried lip tint and the thing that attracted me to PeriPera is the packaging. I am guilty. I love the art from Mari Kim since I watched 2NE1 music video. 
 Is it cute?! 
What do I think of them? They are great for a tint. It look rather orange at first but after a while, it gives a nice natural lip color with red under tone that you suppose to born with. ^_^ 
Here are my lips before and after. 

Like any other lip tint, it does not last long and it requires reapply every time. 

The price is quite pricey for a cute little tint but I guess it worth the color payoff and cute packaging.  
If you like this art, check her blog at Mari Kim’s Art of Life.
PeriPera website which in Korean. **sigh***

PeriPera Tint Milk


Return of the Red and Pink.

It is a rainy day and I am feeling a bit blue but I am sure I won’t let my lips turns blue as well.
What better color to put on your lip than Red or Pink. There are so many red/pink shades, I am clueless which one is
suitable for me. I am learning, pardon me. My lack of knowledge and my lack of enthusiatic putting on
lipsticks for most of my life takes a toll now. Fret not! As like any of you, I am now in a midst of finding and collecting
lipsticks. ^_^ 

Maybelline 065 Hooked on Pink

This is not Pink or I dont think it is, tell me if I am color blind. This color really stand out and suits for my tan skin.
It is a dark red with a lot of character. I feel like goth sometimes wearing it when I really apply it strongly.
you get the point.

Revlon 415 Pink In the Afternoon


Perfect color for my freshly cut and dye hair. My hair color is a bit blonde brown ( as the stylist said) and this shade of pink
blends well with my look. It stayed on very well and does not gives me a Joker smile when rain pouring down on my face.

After this itch, I will see if I want to buy more lipstick colors… hmmm