Review-BeYu Lip Creme

This dark lips aren’t showing when I need them to be and it looks so appropriate when it is not to wear it for work. 

The flash and lighting made it less appealing but it is a cool dark maroon color in person. It is grundgy lip color, I say. 

I don’t know how to describe this lipstick. It is more like a gloss but thicker. I love the texture of it and when I learned BeYu sold here, I rushed to their store and I couldn’t find the exact product. Quite dissappointed but alas I am glad that I’ve been introduced to this BeYu cosmetics and found that they have other quality products. It was a sample given to me in The Lilac Box. 

Since it is a lipstick gloss, the staying power isn’t there and I need to keep reapplying whenever my mouth moves.

Ok ok I just kidding. No staying power nevertheless. Perhaps some lip primer would do. I should try that. 


Review-BeYu Lip Creme

Review- Sephora R19 Charmer & Sephora Lipliner in 14 Radiant Rosy

What do you get A Charmer and A Radiant Rosy?Obsession.

Lipliner in 014 Radiant Rosy

The pencil is short to begin with and it is not a good thing but I love its color so I don’t mind. It stayed on quite long if I did not eat or drink.. heheh… 

R19 Charmer

It a nice cream lipstick which glides smoothly and last longer with help of lipliner. The color are gorgeous, suitable
for work as it is a nude brownish pink to it. 

Though it made me want to whiten my teeth. 

I never bother to use lipstick at work nor casually but this lipstick and liner change my mind.  

Before bare lips


This is the longest relationship I have with lipstick and I am committed to this relationship since the lippie bought last week. 

What’s yours? 


Review- Sephora R19 Charmer & Sephora Lipliner in 14 Radiant Rosy