Fake Lashes

Fake lashes. 

When I started make up a few years ago, I also indulge in varieties of fake lashes that available out there because having a pair of nice fake lashes really helps my eye shadows appear more appealing, elegant and polish and sometimes it changes my eye shape. 

I bought these lashes around KL and I fairly satisfied with these lashes as they are very soft and I do not feel there’s a ton of lashes hanging on my eyes. 

 Here are these lashes on my eyes, so you will get the better picture on how it look like on my eyes. 

        This is from Doll Lash and it has become my favorite fake lashes! The price is RM 27 from Watson.
This is one out of three fake lashes available from Eyelash Kit from Forever 21. Price for 3 lashes are RM 20. 


 This is also from Eyelash Kit from Forever 21.

  This is also from Eyelash Kit from Forever 21. 

 I’ve finally bought this 10 pairs of eye lashes made from Taiwan and it cost me RM 25. It is very natural and I am eager to try their other lashes as well.. ^_^  Though one bad thing about having the same pair of 10 is I tend to disposed it too quickly after usage, my mind playing tricks on me as I have another 9 of these. damn!

My favorite lashes from Doll Lash. Same price of RM 27 from Watson. 


 I bought this at Sephora for RM22 and I really like the way it curves on my lids. Love.

 til’ I see you again! ^_^

Fake Lashes
Make UP Tribute to Marco Simoncelli

(20 January 1987 – 23 October 2011)

A 24 year old Italian Motogp racer who died on 23rd Oct 2011 at Sepang, Kuala Lumpur.
I am quite a big fan of MotoGP and this tragic sadden me to see raising star to be taken away so early. I do like big bikes but not Harley Davidson.

I got this inspiration from his racing suits.

(photo: RIP Marco )

There are much color combo and I like yellow and orange combos and to think that
this Wednesday my Hindu friends are celebrating Diwali day so this look is a tribute and also an idea.

Lighter note:

I got a new false lashes. It was RM1.50 each at Sungei Wang. It is dirt cheap and though I love the bargain but you get what you pay because usually this dirt cheap false lashes look very fake and somehow it is too long or too short and it can irritates your lids. So from now, I will buy Ardell from Sephora. ^_^

Have a great Tuesday!
Happy Diwali Day to Hindu friends!