Ouija (2014)

Is there any movie with 1920’s theme Ouija movie? 


Anyway, fast forward to 2014, teens messing up with Ouija board and something  disturb them,  well actually they said hello first to the ghost and practically invited it in, so it is not entirely ghost fault. You bloody well know that kind of stuff should not fooling around with. I am superstitious , a bit, a lot, I mean whole lot but anyway moving along…. 
 This is a short review of what I think of this movie after I watched it.  

It is pretty self-explanatory from picture above that I wish I could turn my head 360 degrees rather than watch the movie . 


Or perhaps I shouldn’t floss my teeth anymore… 

Sorry RM 12 for I betrayed your trust in my movie selection.. 

Predictable teenage horror movie… 

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Ouija (2014)

Movies Day

Movies Weekend 

This is one of those days where I love to watch movies to spend my weekend at  home.  It was pretty depressing movies I watched which both of them do not end in happy endings. Still, love them and at least I don’t  feel my weekend was wasted. 



One line of review: SAD !!!! 

It is Guillermo Del Toro movie after all…have you guys seen Pan’s Labyrinth? I kinda like his movie as much as I like Tim Burton’s movies or Christopher Nolan’s movies. 

Anna Karenina (2012)

Extra Large Movie Poster Image for Anna Karenina

Short Review: Count Vronsky should have been brunette . Beside, the actor real hair is brunette and he looks good in brunette.The movie:  If you want some theatrical and over the top cinematography, this would be it. 

Escape From Planet Earth


I need happy endings and cartoons seems to be the best choice. Don’t judge me. 
Did you see what emotional turmoil I have endured while watching those 2 movies above..  I need happy endings. It is like happy therapy movie.

The truth is, I never knew this movie until they aired in HBO ..opss. One glance I thought it was Megamind movie,…another blue alien guy?

Remember him? 


Short Review: Quite predictable movie and light-hearted animation.Fun for keeping kids quiet for one and half hours.

I hope you guys had a great weekend and til next time. 


Movies Day