Lunar New Year, A braid bun & Red Lippie

While firecrackers are having an annual war and kids and moms screaming simultaneously on this joyous Lunar New Year, it always daunt me to do an updo that is so complicated and gives a wow impression on my relatives but after all the helping with my mom and doing zillions chores before any big occasions, I always end up put it in bun. 
So I  think my hair do is so simple, it only need a braid and roll it up into a bun ..{any kind of braid} and a big bow  clip.

Though as I approaching my mid 30’s, bow has become somewhat kid-dish to me but did I listen to myself? of course not. It can be done with a bright color ribbons and smaller bow. 

Pair it with Red Lippie by Bourjois Velvet lipstick in Grand Cru, it last longer and perhaps a good point to make to your nagging relatives with red lipstick.

Have a great Lunar New Year to all my Chinese friends and colleagues. May this goat year bring more prosperity and health and enjoy with your loved ones! 

Lunar New Year, A braid bun & Red Lippie

Vice 3 – Thanksgiving look- Red Tutorial

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am not celebrating here in Malaysia but it is holiday and I work with Americans so it would be appropriate for me to wish.

SO move along, I did a red tutorial this time using none other Vice 3 from Urban Decay. I can’t stop playing with that palette.

I hope you like it and thanks for your visit!

1. Add Primer, I am using Beyu color stick in Beige, it set so fast, the moment you put it on, you need to spread it right there and then. 

2. Using Cork from MAC as transition color, this can be use Downfall from Vice 3.

3. Truth on brow bone to highlight. 

4. Alchemy on crease and blend it outward.

5. Bondage on crease to define the crease since I don’t have a crease…sob..sob…

6. Blend Bondage and Alchemy together with same brush as Alchemy color.

7. Sonic on lid.

8. Sonic and Bondage on lower lid. 

9. Fake lashes 

10. annnd you’re done! 

Face: MAC Skinfinish in Medium Plus & Holika blush highlighter. 


Lip: NYX lip liner in rose & Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Nude-ist.

Brow: Maybelline MasterBrow in Grey-ish color 
( I don’t know the exact name color) 

Here a short video to simplify things.

Vice 3 – Thanksgiving look- Red Tutorial

Turning 31

On my bday Oct 5th 2013, my collegues and I went for a cruise in Penang. 

             (no Jack running for me)

Nothing fancy mancy. It is just around Penang.. and I got a good deal from Groupon for one price for 2 person plus hotel room at Flamingo By The Beach, Penang. It is worth it. 

It was a nice welcoming when I board the ship since they made a nice vanilla cake and gave me a bday card nicely put on the table next to the bed. What a nice surprise!! 😝 

It was fun for 4 of us though the weather dampen our spirit a bit as the rain pouring down for few hours and the fact it was raining season. 

The room is small, cute and well kept though the best part of the room was bathroom. It was so small!  

We didn’t do much on the cruise apart from taking a zillion pictures. 

There even had a striptease show later in midnight, Nikita. Though I am pretty shocked to know that they even have striptease on the cruise IN Malaysia! I didnt go to see the show so I dont have any comment on how big is her god-given womenhood would be like. 

We went exploring the cruise and taking too much picture my skirt went up! because of the wind ok?! :p 

Next morning we went for bfast and landed at the port around afternoon. 

We checked in at Flamingo By The Beach as it is together with the cruise package. Sweet deal. 😆 

sorry no pic for hotel room. 😒

Overall, I had a great birthday this year. 🎁🎂🍰.

Keep you posted! Have a great day, guys! 


Turning 31