Review – Food/ Restaurant – Mohammad Chow Restaurant

Since I am keeping the goal of trying new places to eat outside, this discovery is truly a great one.

I think I stumble upon this restaurant by blogger or a website. Whatever it is, it deserved a hug since this has been my favorite food place to be. 

No fancy- mancy interior but oh-my-god worthy of delicious cuisine. 

My parent enjoyed the foods as well and planned to go there again with menu on their mind. They are loving it as much. 

We took 2 Fried Rice, mine was Yong Chow and my dad was salted fish. Practically they are the same except one put salted fish on top of it.

Vegetable with oyster sauce (small) 
Butter Milk Sauce Chicken
Beef Ginger Sauce (small)
Prawn Fritters (small)
Every dish is in small size and believe me, it is enough for 4. Taste was excellent and for once, I thought why am dieting again? 
If you are thinking of Chinese Muslim foods, please check this place out : 
Perdana Business Centre

3-1, Jalan PJU 8/5h, Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

03-7731 6383

Happy Eating y’all! 
Review – Food/ Restaurant – Mohammad Chow Restaurant

Wondermama did a wonderful job

Wondermama, Wonderful food experience, at least that what my impression of that place. 
Situated at the corner of Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur. This cosy little diner has more than meet the eye, at first glance, it may look like any other hip eating places around KL & PJ but let me guarantee you that it doesn’t take much to satisfied my craving of foods. I am a simple girl who like a good food and good food is what I found here. 

It may not has the most elaborate list of menus and varieties of beverages but with a lot of food choices and beverages, the food is either a hit or a miss. 

A great thing bout short menu list is shorter decision making and the food we choose would be as good as next person. No less or more. I think what they are doing are brilliant. 

At first I thought it was a dessert places, the place is more less looks like Wondermilk, an over expensive cupcakes that I can live without but a friend of mine manage to get me to step into this place, which I have a resolution to try at least one new restaurant every time I go out.
I do not want to comment about customer service and what not since I am not really particular of such details/minor things…though  regards to that, coming from retail background before, if waitress or waiter kinda rude to you on Saturday with handful of people coming and anxious, hungry and angry for food, don’t be such a bitch, you will get your food. Capish? You will live.

Since I thought I was hungry {a lie I told myself every time}, I took creamy carbonara spaghetti with sweet chicken and a friend of mine ordered Mee Kari (Curry Noodles).At the end of our meal, let just say we turn into a cow and could might as well sitting under a tree and stay there til the rest of the day. We were THAT full. It was huge potion! 

Do not be fool by this picture. It’s a mind boggling that something look so little can feel unlimited. 

Both of the foods looks great, tasteful and flavorful and leaving me and my friend full with happiness and satisfaction. 

Thank you for my friend, Mazian who manage to drag me to this place though I don’t have picture of the first meal I had here which was a Hor Fun {my saliva start drooling already} but I totally recommend to everyone and anyone who wish to have a favorite Malaysian dish that has been fusion and catered to young and hip people of KL. 
I wish this establishment will maintain their deliciousness, humbleness and creativity of their food arts. 
 {The author would like to excuse the lack of “gedik-ness”}
Website: WonderMama

Wondermama did a wonderful job

Review – Waffles @ Food court Level 4

Waffles, it makes my heart beat and my mouth water. Last few week I discovered Wafflemeister and today I revisit my old time favorite waffle place, Level 4   Suria KLCC. I don’t get their official names.. opss but…you wont get lost  at level 4 Food court. Waffles is the only place there.

You won’t miss it ^_^
I love how waffle made there.. fluffy and right amount of sweetness. If you love sweeten waffles, go to Wafflemeister( I did a post about it a few days back).

The price are cheap too! I think they didn’t even increase the price for the last 5 years.    
Below waffles I ate “Chocolate Galore” is only RM5 and it is huge potion. I ate breakfast  earlier and end my feast with this scrumptious waffle.. life is great. hehehe. 

Sorry I almost finished it…

Head down there if you have waffle cravings. Cheap and delicious!


Review – Waffles @ Food court Level 4

Review- Tous Les Jours

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Tous Les Jours? French? Not quite. A French- South Korean establishment to be precise. 

I love having breakfast there. We usually come straight from work in 8:30 am and have a hearty breakfast. There are few selections to choose from and I always end up with thier breakfast. I love food, don’t judge. 

Price range from RM 15-RM 20.

If you don’t fancy breakfast set, tons of breads , sandwiches and pastries and even cakes available that hour. A perfect breakfast spot. 

It is in the middle of city centre of Bukit Bintang area so accesibility are easy and spot on. 

The breakfast are nice and healthy and I always coming back for more. 

Be there! 


Review- Tous Les Jours

Waffle Lover at Wafflemeister, KLCC

It was Saturday morning and since I work in graveyard shift,my hunger is differ than normal human being or just me being older. 

I want something sweet and fulfilling so my friend and I went to Wafflemeister located at Level 3, KLCC.

A London based business that specialized Liege waffles.. what is liege waffle? It is caramelized sugar glistering on waffle. 

 How does it taste like? Like a waffle but sweeter. hehe. Ok ok  Is it good? Yes! 

Would I eat here again? Yes! Is it expensive? Hell Yeah! 

I don’t say it is the best waffle but if you are waffle loving freak, try will leave you fulfilling with smile with tons of calories. It is weekend so who cares! 

 A friend of mine who refuse I took her pic are on the verge of exploding since we had a big breakfast.

The place ambiance is cool and it looks like an American diner and it focus on being takeaway rather than sitting in. So do not expect to get seat every time or being an asshole and seat there for too long. 

For more pic, check this out.

Price range is RM 11- RM19.

It was a good waffle. Good waffle. 


Waffle Lover at Wafflemeister, KLCC

Travel with Open Mind

Penang : Another Island Paradise

After 4 days being in Penang, I’ve often wanting to go back there. The old buildings, the laid back environment and scrumptious foods. I bought my family here as my dad keep talking about wanting to go back to Penang after he was here back in 1995, while he was in a band. Fortunately, he was really active to walk around and seems to know around there again. Bring back memories he said as he talked about how he and his musician friends ate at “Jimi Hendrix Alley” or now it is been called “Line Clear Restaurant” at wee hours after playing music and met with bunch of colorful people of Penang. It made me glad to bring my family here.

It is no surprise that Penang is go to destination for tourist. Local and international. Even I am hooked~ ^_^

This is a perfect weekend. 

May all our Weekends are perfect!

Travel with Open Mind

Weird Find On Saturday

Charcoal Bread 

Maybe you’ve heard it but hell sure I didn’t until yesterday when I was like hungry wolf searching for a prey and what do you know, I found Charcoal Bread. It does not taste like Charcoal (thank god) but it tastes like 
Sweet Bread, I mean very sweet bread and ultimately soft bread that melt in my mouth…. 

Ok… This has been my greatest discovery in terms food hunt. I am starting to be addicted to this Charcoal bread… I got it at The Baker’s Cottage and I’ve always love Bakers Cottage since high school but I rarely spot the franchise anywhere since I moved to another state. (sad face). 

I guess this discovery rekindle my love for breads. ^_^ 

 There is some website said charcoal has health benefits, but then again, every food has health benefits except for junk  foods, but still I am not talking about nutrition. This is simply a joy of eating. 

                                                                  More on Charcoal bread …..


Baking Diary : how to baked charcoal bread 

Cathy’s Joy: Recipe for trying if you want?

 Have you try this Charcoal Breads?

Weird Find On Saturday