> When No Idea Is Flowing, I Will Be In Silence or On A Cruise I am pretty inactive in … More

> One Man trash is Another Man treasure. That’s what I do here. Mostly whenever my bf is having his … More

> Oh my White White White .. The worse since 100 years ago.. Aren’t I lucky? Soooo, anyone wants to … More

> Eid & Night of the cats I rode a panther for Eid celebration. What did you do, eh?

> Museum of Modern Art Modern = If you don’t get it, you are there. “If you have it, flaunt … More

> Natural History Museum It’s free admission after 4 pm. It’s great to see dead animals.

> Hot air balloon Don’t you feel like fairy tales? I wish there is hot air balloons with various shapes … More

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> (Let it) Flow Festivals 2010 Dance like a madmen.  Throw yourself like a batman. Everybody say “hey, man”. Every … More

> Impala  I wish it is black. *wink*