Essence Quattro "To Die For" palette look

Yet again another look by Essence quattro palette. I went for a wedding in Singapore and brought this palette since my bag is verge on explosion of too much stuffs so I was in dilemma whether Naked 3 or Essence. 

Essence win because of it size.  
Move along to this look, I’ve added MAC Cork as transitional above crease color since I love how brown and reddish brown like cork looks good together. 

Here are the deeds for the rest of the face. 
Skin: Estee Lauder Double Wear in Tawny and MAC mineralized skin finish. 
Eyes: MAC Cork and Essence Quattro To Die For palette. Eyeliner: Maybelline masterliner in Brown and fake lashes from Ardell. Eyebrow: Tarte eyebrow mousse in Medium Brown
Lips: Lips and Cheeks in Camilla from Benefit Cosmetic; Be-yu lipgloss 
I will do a short tutorial on this because it is that easy. 

Have a great day, peeps! 
Essence Quattro "To Die For" palette look

Essence Quattro Over The Taupe look# 3

I did a post on these palette a while ago and I will always recommend these range of palettes from Essence because of their pigmentation, blendable and affordable. 

It can be too much for wearing smokey grey look in day time but public opinion is none of my business so here you go. I used all of the colors from the palette.  

Have a great day, peeps! If I can do this, so can you because seriously it
does take trial and error to get it right. 
Taupe is not is my preferred color, this is rather surprising to me. (insert shocking face here). Good job, Essence! 
Essence Quattro Over The Taupe look# 3

Weekend Makeup

Weekend Make up 

Essence “Over The Taupe” Quattro Palette  

Look #2

Hello again to my humble blog,

This is my second look of Essence “Over The Taupe” Quattro palette. 
IF you notice, my right eye have more smokey-ness as I did put black kohl from Miss Rose all over my lids prior to my eyeshadow and my left eye , I just use the eyeshadow from the palette. 
I like the smokey look so I prefer with kohl look. Either way, this palette really rocks! 

Here’s the look which I did vertical gradient technique. If you want to know more about this make up technique, please check out MakeUp By Bun Bun for Asian eyes. Her article about Asian eyes and how to apply eye shadows is magnificent! I learned a lot! At least I don’t feel my eyes is weird to work with! 
~~~~~ With Kohl~~~~ 

~~~Without Kohl~~~~ 

                     ~~~With Kohl ~~~~~                ~~Without Kohl~~                                 

  I hope you like it~  Have a great day and See you soon~ 

Note: Link to my first look on this palette: Look #1


Weekend Makeup

Make up Weekend

Weekend Makeup

 Essence “Over The Taupe” Quattro

Look #1

Happy Weekend!

It has been awhile that I played with my eyeshadow. I did not stop playing with it, especially buying it but it seems I lost the touch or mojo. I am blaming the work.

I work night shift hence my laziness is increasing by letting my skin breathe and look as pale as possible.
I am impressed by women who have discipline to apply make up every day to work and after praying. I salute you.

Cut to the chase, I am currently playing with Essence “Over The Taupe” Quattro palette.

I will try to make some looks out of this 4 colors only. Wish me luck. ^_^

 The Not So  Close Up.. Final look. 

Thanks! I’ll see you soon! Have a great Sunday! 

Make up Weekend


I see smoke 

 Essence Smokey Set
Again? you might say. I replied “The Essence of smokey is irresistible” .  True, it makes your eyes sexy…. Thank you for somebody who created smokey look. I bow to you. 
My product of the day is Essence Smokey Eyes set.
It is cheap and I can’t resist not to buy it. go figure (eyes rolling). 
Before you jumped from the bed to buy this stuff, I think you can skip this one. 
It’s ok for quick eye make up when your whole make up stash is blown into pieces by giant evil bugs. 
The point is, I don’t recommend this. 
There’s 2 colors, blackish purple (it looks more black in person) and purple. 
Texture of blackish purple color is somewhat creamy, very sheer creamy.

Purple is ok, quite pigmented. 
As you can see here,this is dark creamy purple alone.
 After apply purple on top of it… 

After applying matte black, taaddaa.. smokey is born. Much better. 

My conclusions is, Smokey is Useless without Matte Black. 
There goes my review on Essence Smokey Set. 
Til Next Time~  Happy Weekdays!~~