Empties 2

Another empties! yoohoo! I feel an accomplishment to empty these product. *pat in the back*

These empties entry of mine does not according to monthly since I try to use more than a month.

So here are the products that I am proud to empty them and most of it I will repurchase it again.

From left to right: L’oreal Gentle Lip and Eye Remover, Daiso Makeup Brush Cleaner, Shaklee Vita-C plus, Percy & Reed Splendid Moisturizing Conditioner, Soap & Glory Hand Food and BioDerma Sensibio H2O.

Ok… Vita-C Plus is only there because it was part of skin care regime I took. Does it work? I can’t tell. It is only my first bottle. I just like to eat supplement for my body, it is beneficial since I work in graveyard shift and food is hard to get by at night and I am pretty sure I am officially a vampire without glitter and pale face.

Other than that, I really like these products. BioDerma is absolutely amazing. It is worth the hype and I love how my skin react to it. I will repurchase this and be happy with my skin for once in 3 years.

Hand Food by Soap & Glory really change my mind of hand lotion, it soften and it doesn’t leave any greasiness on my hands. The smell are delicious and I recommended it to everyone that has a very dry hands. A former colleague of mine used this and told me that this lotion helps her hands feeling soft and her hands doesn’t peel off as much as it was. She has the case of extremely dry hands.
I will try other Soap & Glory and I know that I will empty them as well.

For the Percy & Reed conditioner, it was ok. It is quite expensive here in Kuala Lumpur and I feel like it is another conditioner.

L’oreal Gentle Make up remover, I did a review on this before on here. Though I admit, it wasn’t in depth. It was ok but I won’t be purchasing this again since I do not like the oily film that left on my eyes. 

Daiso..Daiso.. Daiso.. seems like we all can’t live withouth Daiso in KL. I pick this up because it was new product they bring in. It did its job and cheap.. so what more do you want? 

There you have it, empties that I feel worth emptying for..^_^ 

Have a great day! 


Empties 2

Empties November

I am proud that I finally get to do this post. I am not usually finish the product efficiently but I will use the products diligently and if I found something better, I ditch others like magic.. opps.. I am not the only one.. and it is not very economical and proves that I am slightly a hoarder. 

Here are the empties:

1. Syoss professional performance treatment for  dry and coarse hair 

Soften hair and makes it manageable. Like most of the masks, I tend to change my hair mask so probably if I dont have any other choice, I’ll choose this. 

2. Bioglo Deep Cleansing Mud Mask

A product under Cosway and it was great since it does not break me out and makes my skin a bit even out. 

3. Bioessence Miracle  Water

 I am not sure if it is really “Miracle” but it does keep my skin refresh after a hot day or intense workout. One of the benefit include setting the make up and make it last longer though I disagree with it since it does makes my face appear more oilier. So for now I just keep it for when I don’t wear too much of make up or after workout. 

I gave a bottle to my dad and he said it keeps his skin fresh and lessen itch around his eyes. So I guess it is a good product.

Repurchasing, definitely. 

4. Ouidad Botanical Boost

A refreshing spray, they said. It will make my hair fresh, they said. I wish it was. 

I’ve learned not to use it everytime I want to “refresh” my curls but on a damp hair only and not to many spray as well. 

5. Thayer Cucumber Witch Hazel toner 

My all time fav. It keeps my skin fresh and less oily. It doesn’t break me out. This was my 2nd bottle. Obviously will repurchase it again. 

6. Neutrogena Scrubs

I was not fond of the scrub that much since it makes my skin a bit tighter after using it. I wont be repurchasing it. I finish it by using under pit. 

Til next time! 

Empties November