ZA Deep Cleansing Oil

ZA Deep Cleansing Oil
Forever is a long time and hence it is taking me forever to do a review. The point was, I want
to give full length of review on products I used and give my bloody honest review.
The pro of this experiment is, it is more reliable and more in-depth. The cons of this experiment is  I don’t remember most of my points! lol! ok ..ok .. ok ..

ZA Deep Cleansing Oil

(photo credit: ZA Deep Cleansing Oil)
 I don’t even remember to take pic of my own Cleansing Oil (aiyayaya, *face palm*) 
I have been using this oil for more than 3 months and in that 3 months,
no breakouts whatsoever while using this oil, good point for ZA!

I bought this oil because I do not have enough money to buy DHC cleansing oil that people
raving about. ^_^
It is alot cheaper and it was on promo price at Watson’s so being cheap ass, I bought it.

This is my desperado purchase and I am glad it does not give me crap.

Since you have to use this oil on dry hands and dry face, it does it job to remove residue/heavy make up and it removed waterproof mascara briliantly!. It leaves my skin feeling refresh after rinse it with water but i tend to scrub it too much and too long, it will leave my skin
rather “tight”.

I do however cleanse it again with mild cleanser after few hours before I go to slumberland.
Probably I shouldn’t but I feel more extra clean when I did  cleanse it again.

Like any other oil, I could not compare to any other oil cleanser as I dont have any other.. hehehheheheheh…

Ok ok .. bad joke…

Overall, it is a good cleansing oil.

Will I purchase it again? probably if I am desperate again 🙂


ZA Deep Cleansing Oil

Remove Your Crap On Your Face Routine

Eucerin  Make Up Remover

I’ve been using this remover for almost month now. So without further a due, let me start by listing out the pros and cons.


2. Remove all of my make up, not specifically for eyes or lips.
3. Feeling fresh and squeaky clean.
4. It does not break me out
5. It does not make my skin reddish like some make up remover.
6. Effective remove waterproof make up.
7. It is a facial cleanser, toner and make up remover all in one. (though I’ve often cleanse my face again).


1. I mean if you considering hard to travel with big bottle, I can always put it in another small container ^_^

2. It really pain in the ass to bring while traveling without thinking “shit, I need to buy facial cottons to remove make up”.

For those who doesn’t bother about using a lot of facial cottons, this is great buy.  You can feel your skin breathe. ^_^ 

Have a great day!

Remove Your Crap On Your Face Routine