Simple {Not so simple} Hairdo

I hope everyone are having a joyous Lunar New Year. Unfortunately, my line of work doesn’t partake Malaysian Holiday. No need to sob or feeling awww poor you kind of thing because I will break.your neck. Kidding! {while break my knuckles}.

so so soooo hairdo of! It’s easy but it could be tricky for longer and thicker hair. Bobby the pin is your bestie in this. 


This is not bad, after I take a pic of it.. not bad at all.. I have a thick and long hair so makes it pretty required practice.. If you want to see a pretty version out of this.. please see below… 

Watch this youtube by Twist Me Pretty. This lady makes me wanted to re-created it and I want to re-create whatever she created! 

Have a great Day! 

Simple {Not so simple} Hairdo

Lace braid bun to work on Tuesday Night

Today at work news… I wore Lace french braid, which mean you only adding one section of hair rather than both, I hope you get what I for bad explaination. aha!

Here’s the video to show what is Lace braid.

So instead of ponytail, I done into a bun. It is your preference but I really put my hair into a bun while eating a bun, specifically new KFC buns. Anyway… here’s the look…. and easy too. 

 See how soft focus my pic is? {Whisper} I am not wearing make up. As if you guys care.. lol. 
Told you would be easy… if it is not easy, practice practice and practice 🙂 
Braid is like chic lazy way to say, “I am so lazy but I want to show that I made a little effort on myself today and I don’t wash my hair, god knows how long. *get  back here bees!*” 
Lace braid bun to work on Tuesday Night

Braids, Hair

Hair Reminder

By now, my obsess of braids are cut short due to the unfortunate event that leads to my decision to trim my hair shorter………………….OR the real factor is I am really bored with long hair that I kept for more than 10 years now. So  this is a reminder for myself that if I will be having my long hair again and see those pinterest ladies have a cute braid and I get de-motivated by it, I want to see this photos and say “if I can do it before, I can do it again” 
(note: this is not my head/hair, my colleague has a long beautiful hair waiting for my itchy hands to do braid on it) 
This is my hair and my attempt to do Hunger Games braid, which I admit I haven’t watch that movie but it is a very edgy braid to wear.
Fish Braid

Overall, it is not as difficult as it looks but oh man oh man, did my arms suffered when I tried my first braid. Practice makes perfect!
(note: all of my photos taken by my Nokia, hence the need to twist my arms around the back of my hair is obvious. )


Braids, Hair


Boom Boom BANG!!
Welcoming 2012 is just around the corner and I am here sitting and cursing my bangs. I used to cut it, remember? on myself? no?
ok, nevermind. The main point is, my bangs is longer and dysfunctional. So being a bang that basically frame my face, it has become
an annoyance. I can’t put it back without any pins, nor put it front (as it supposed to be) because it will cover half my face. 
I don’t want a bang anymore and I want to grow it out. Capishe?!!!
For those , who has cutting their hair short and waiting to grow out, the process will be not that pretty. yes?!

I found this at youtube about side bang braid and it is a perfect braid to cover my ugly bang for awhile…:)
It is quite easy. Just do dutch braid or Opposite of French braid. you don’t get it? here’s a video…

NOW you understand that concept, proceed to …. SIDE BANG BRAID tutorial
I told you it is cutey pie braid and my ugly braid now is under cover by the name of agent braidy.

before & after

Use it with a scarf or any of your favorite scarf! voila!! no more SHITTY SHITTY BANG BANG!