{Review} Bourjois CC cream

I thought I will love this, I though it could be my HG of CC cream and I thought it could change my mind about CC, BB, or Any alphabets cream that will come out after this because I had a few experience from BB creams which honestly, did not match me at all. Yes, all of them made me look too ashy. 
It said it could makes my skin more even an radiant, but when I put it on, I feel wearing a mask on opera and I did not use much and the worse thing, it made me broke out. 
Do I need to continue? I don’t want to because my heart is breaking of having much expectation out of this. 
At least I haven’t try their Foundation yet, so wish me luck. 

{Review} Bourjois CC cream

Hair – Ouidad’s Just Save My Curls

Curly hair can be romantic, cute and wild and for natural curls like me, it is quite a bitch to tame it down or keep it not frizzy

My curls are somewhat loose curl with tight curls combo. My texture is soft and easily straighten though keep it straight is a challenge too. 

So what does Ouidad Leave – in – Conditioner, Humidity Gel and Botanical Boost can do to curls? 
Let me show you.. here are my curls after 2 days conditioning and braids and put it on a tight ponytail. It has become a loose curls somewhat wavy and tons of frizzy! 

After shampooing, deep treatment mask and after all that hassle and while your hair is damp, add Leave-In conditioner, Humidity gel to hair and put my hair on pineapple method and sleep on it. 

After I woke up, the hair will not be totally dry and I spritz it with Botanical Boost spray and let it air dry. 

How it turn out?  Taa- da! Frizz free hair and tons of curls which it made me love me curls much more than already is!  

Try it! Ouidad Curls range are definitely a must try for curly hairs! 

Hair – Ouidad’s Just Save My Curls

Review- Goodal Deep Clean Pore Glacial Clay

I am excited to try Goodal WashUp Deep Clean Pore Glacial Clay since I do not feel good about my skin recently.

I found this product at Watson, Pavilion and retail at 8,90MYR each. I was drawn to this product because of its packaging and the fact that I need a mask at that time. It supposed to use it once since it is in small size, I could say a sample but I really appreciate that they produce these small size for us to try it out first. 

It has grainy texture which it is normal for Deep Cleanse wash but it also has mint/ heaty feeling to it when I put it on skin (?). Gosh, I am bad at explaining things. The feeling of heaty or minty is not too much, subtle you can put it that way. 

The result? A nice clean and fresh feeling skin. I’ve used twice a week now and the downside of it perhaps it might or may not made my skin welcome a zit .. a single zit. Or perhaps my skin was acting up lately so I can’t confirm on that yet. I will use it this whole month and update to it if it really break my skin out. 

Overall, it is a nice mask and frankly, I am happy with the result. 
Before I forget, for those who really into Korean brands, this is a Korean brands. 

Not fancy this? Maybe other clay mask you can try at ClioClub.
Review- Goodal Deep Clean Pore Glacial Clay

Review- Sephora R19 Charmer & Sephora Lipliner in 14 Radiant Rosy

What do you get A Charmer and A Radiant Rosy?Obsession.

Lipliner in 014 Radiant Rosy

The pencil is short to begin with and it is not a good thing but I love its color so I don’t mind. It stayed on quite long if I did not eat or drink.. heheh… 

R19 Charmer

It a nice cream lipstick which glides smoothly and last longer with help of lipliner. The color are gorgeous, suitable
for work as it is a nude brownish pink to it. 

Though it made me want to whiten my teeth. 

I never bother to use lipstick at work nor casually but this lipstick and liner change my mind.  

Before bare lips


This is the longest relationship I have with lipstick and I am committed to this relationship since the lippie bought last week. 

What’s yours? 


Review- Sephora R19 Charmer & Sephora Lipliner in 14 Radiant Rosy

Review – Bioderma

 Bioderma brand was known to me when famous youtube beauty guru Lisa Elridge and Samatha Chapman of Pixiwoo stated that this is their favorite cleansing water and soon after there are a lot
I keep it under my wishlist more than a year and I did found a website which supply Bioderma, Serendipity. Check them out. They have other cool stuffs there

So even I did found an online shopping, I still convince myself I don’t need it until last Sunday when my sister and I went to KLIA 2. It was in Guardian pharmacy on level 2. 

To my surprise, Bioderma sold there! It is a sign and I bought 250ml Bioderma for RM 75,90.

I was so excited and I used when I return home. 

Do not be scared, it is just me using Bioderma as Lisa Eldridge gave tips to put half cotton under the eye and on top of it. How does it feel? Watery heheh.. refreshing as I put it on my eyes. I let it soak for awhile and wipe it out gently. 

Poof! My eye makeup and mascara are gone and I do not feel any oily feeling. 

My foundation is still there since I use Bioderma on my eye make up only and my eye make up is clean and it leave without oily residue.

I totally recommend it to you now. Buy it now.  I have gone speechless…. 


Review – Bioderma

Benefit Big Easy

It is easy I can tell you. I’ve been using this for 4 months and being an oily skin person and who lived in humidity country, summer all year long, this is by far the best. To be honest, it is not totally stay matte all day but my skin doesnt glides with oiliness by the end of the day.

It retail at Sephora RM 145 and if you are like me who doesn’t like to cake up on face, this is it. It look natural on skin and my fav part is, it has texture of a  cream but finish as a powder.. quite awesome 😘 

Totally worth it 😘 
Sorry for the real close up.. opss heheeh 
Have a great day! 

Benefit Big Easy