Avon Purple Haze

On my previous post, I reviewed 2 Avon palettes and yet only one I wore and I know some of you wondering if Purple Haze is any better.

1 answer, YES! JA! JO! IYA!  (that would be  4)

It was absolutely wonderful to work with such a beautiful palette like Purple Haze. It may not be really stand out purple but my gosh, I will give Avon an applause…

 (photo credit: applause)

I love how easy it blend with other colors. I am mainly using from Purple Haze palette.

Pretty, no?

I wore this look when I went out with me sis, my beloved partner in crime.Oh yes, how was preparation for Christmas? I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! 
Perhaps if you are stuck on gift giving this year, you can buy this palette instead! ^_^ 
It is not high-end product but it gives a beautiful finish and I am sure this would blown any women brain to dust and turns into glitters. ^_^ 



What I like about Birthdays 

IS the gifts! Obvious? State the Obvious? I love giving gifts and receiving them. It is impossible not to love receiving gifts. ^_^ 

Even though my birthday was 2 months ago but I appreciate that my friend gave me this beautiful and thoughtful gifts for my birthday. She knows how I love collecting and hoarding make up palette! The best dialogue of all time is “I have a present for you” and as a mature young women, I would giggled and smile restlessly to that statement. If I am a superwoman, my present are my kryptonite.

I didn’t get the chance to use this gorgeous palette while I was at Malacca, I am utterly lazy to use make up while traveling, I will somehow get the feeling I will use more of this palette than others, as it is quite a natural tone palette and the fact that Avon did changed my mind. 

I do like Avon stuffs but before they have this range of good eye shadows, it was super crappy before. My first Avon products I used when I was 14 yo. That was because my high school friend were pointing on Avon products on close range of my eyes. ^_^ So in fear, I have to buy it. That where I thought, Avon rep was scary. 

Fast forward… This is the palette. 

L-R: Earth Tone & Purple Haze

Victoria Secret Wink, Wink Fragrance Mist. Another review  perhaps….

Here are the swatches. Flash and without flash.

Purple Haze 

                                                                                          Earth Tones 

This is what I wore last weekend when my family and I went to Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. 

I’ve used Earth tone palette and I couldn’t be more impressed. Absolutely and ultimately gorgeous colors! 

Conclusion: Beautiful palette and natural colors that this palette will get abuse treatment from me for the next few weeks.

A Big Thank you, Minah! ^_^ I lap you!