3 braids and 3 broken bones

Like most things, if you keep doing the same thing over and over, eventually you will be good at it. Same goes to hair braiding. The more you do , your hands is on auto mode but like most things, when you stop doing it, your hand turns idles and clueless. I cut my hair last year and though I like the feel of shorter hair, I miss doing braids.

Braids are perfect for a bit of extra on your head when you feel “I am too lazy to wash hair” and braids are perfect because it need dirty hair, 2 -3 days hair plus we can all save water in the process. Right? Right?

Perhaps I should stay with one braid at the time but my enthusiastic gets in a way and my shoulder got a workout that I am sure it burn more calories than an hour on treadmill (I am exaggerate here)

Here I am painstalking did a braid on my right side head. I only recorded one side because no one need to see the full 30 mins of my struggles.

All of the braids are Dutch braid. I rarely do French braid.. since my hair is dark so French braid does not appeal to me.

Yup, by the time I finish this, my arms feel numb. Lol.

If you want to see the pro doing it, search for Malibu in youtube. I’m inspired by her to braid on my short hair.

Til next time!


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