Proud 2020 – Empties

Yes, I know it is probably “so yesterday” to post an empties but I am so proud of myself that I wanted to share and beside, no one will read this.. lol

All of these are hair products and I am a serial offender of buying hair products and not finishing it because I thought I always find the best curl products and keep buying a new one. Most of the time, I just do not know how to use it properly. So last year, I had a goal that I will finish all the hair products I own… struggling indeed….

I have one bad thing about Schwarzkopf Osis No. 2 Volume Uplifting Cream and No. 3 Bouncy Curls as it can be a bit itchy but other than that, its fairly a good product.

Other products are good. It helps define my curls (especially Taft <<< this shit is strong) and I am pleased. I would probably repurchased Taft and Dove serum but not others. L’Oreal Botanical Shine Vinegar did nothing, so SKIP!

Now, I will continue my goal of finishing other products…. til next time.



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