Make Up Brushes @ Watson

Cute, fluffy and cheap. Guess what?!

Its a freakin’ brushes! (Huh?) Ok ok these brushes has been selling at Watson for awhile now and I bought it at Melaka (shock *rolled eyes* Melaka is bad for my money, bro)

Anyway, feeling a bit make up-y so found this gorgeous looking brushes and sponges at Watson’s for less than RM 20. So why not?!

When I think about it, this probably my first purchase in 2018 for make up brushes. Really! I don’t feel inspired to beat my face up this year and god damn, my other brushes are veterans. (Thank you my lovely brushes, you are the best and using you has been an honor)

Maybe pretty brushes will give some inspiration? maaayybe.

These brushes are good and practical. All for eye make up, angled brush, angled crease, eyeshadow brush and blending brush which is a big yes for me since I remembered is hard to find blending brush that is not MAC.

So yay for this hence, it got me itching to buy more of this brushes. Damn it.

There was a lots more cute brushes from them too! *Control discipline* *Temptation*

As for those sponges,that big sponges similar to beauty blender, I think you can skip that. It is ok, not as fluffy though even you soak it real good. It feel a bit stiff. I had beauty blender before and that thing is like marshmallow but this sponge feel like boiled eggs(?). Anyway, small /mini sponges are great! Its mini marshmallows!! Great for undereye concealer. Perfect!

Too bad not all Watson selling these brushes, I’ve found these at Watson’s Jonker and Watson’s IOI City Mall for now, I am not sure other branches.

Try la oh…pretty cute brushes with love,


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