Riuh In The City @ River Of Life Kuala Lumpur 2018

It was beautiful. The setup, ambience and light show was great and inpressive. Only regret that some of time, since it was near to the mosque it can be a bit noisy and disrespectful. I wish they could just shut musics everytime on adzhan and prayers.

There was one guy actually complaint to my sis about it. Maybe he is from media.

Thats even a smoke on the river! How cool is that?!

Anyway, food wise is great, lots of choices and it was delicious. I wish I had big tummy to fill every one of them but I managed to get pies from A Pie Thing, Kuih, Tacos and Butterfly In my Tummy drink (cute huh?).

Butterfly in my tummy drink. Maybe RM 8 (sorry, I can’t recall). It looks like a clouds! It is a honey lemon.

It was cool event nevertheless. Kudos to organizers and I really like the Malaysian brands that they had.

Looking forward to next one!



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