Merchant’s Lane Cafe. 

Finally! My sister, my friend and I was here today for lunch. We were talking about going here for Gods know how long… We almost lost looking for this place and end up we entered another cool food place Cho Cha Foodstore. That would be another entry since we are wrongly entered it. Lol!  

The ambience and interior are cosy and insta worthy. I don’t take much of pics there because I was hungry, so let’s me introduce you The Taukay. 

The beef patty were juicy and together with satay and barbeque sauce, it adds a unique fusion taste. 

This next delicious pic is Butter Chicken Pasta. Big chunks of chicken and lots of pasta. Delicious is guaranteed. 

What’s food without the drinks. My sister took hot latte and me, Superfood Lemon Juice. It was OK. Nothing to brag about. Too sweet for my taste though. 

While waiting for the foods…

Overall, the place is great to hang out or for a date and with good foods they are serving, it’s almost perfect. Fusion done good here. Our tummy is satisfied. 

Bye bye, Merchant’s Lane Cafe, til we meet again. Definitely. 

Merchant’s Lane Cafe 150, Jalan Petaling. 

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