Lace braid bun to work on Tuesday Night

Today at work news… I wore Lace french braid, which mean you only adding one section of hair rather than both, I hope you get what I for bad explaination. aha!

Here’s the video to show what is Lace braid.

So instead of ponytail, I done into a bun. It is your preference but I really put my hair into a bun while eating a bun, specifically new KFC buns. Anyway… here’s the look…. and easy too. 

 See how soft focus my pic is? {Whisper} I am not wearing make up. As if you guys care.. lol. 
Told you would be easy… if it is not easy, practice practice and practice 🙂 
Braid is like chic lazy way to say, “I am so lazy but I want to show that I made a little effort on myself today and I don’t wash my hair, god knows how long. *get  back here bees!*” 

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