Review – Bioderma

 Bioderma brand was known to me when famous youtube beauty guru Lisa Elridge and Samatha Chapman of Pixiwoo stated that this is their favorite cleansing water and soon after there are a lot
I keep it under my wishlist more than a year and I did found a website which supply Bioderma, Serendipity. Check them out. They have other cool stuffs there

So even I did found an online shopping, I still convince myself I don’t need it until last Sunday when my sister and I went to KLIA 2. It was in Guardian pharmacy on level 2. 

To my surprise, Bioderma sold there! It is a sign and I bought 250ml Bioderma for RM 75,90.

I was so excited and I used when I return home. 

Do not be scared, it is just me using Bioderma as Lisa Eldridge gave tips to put half cotton under the eye and on top of it. How does it feel? Watery heheh.. refreshing as I put it on my eyes. I let it soak for awhile and wipe it out gently. 

Poof! My eye makeup and mascara are gone and I do not feel any oily feeling. 

My foundation is still there since I use Bioderma on my eye make up only and my eye make up is clean and it leave without oily residue.

I totally recommend it to you now. Buy it now.  I have gone speechless…. 


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