Johnny Rocket Malaysia

 Burgers are comforting. Burgers are satisfying every inch of carnivorism in human being and Johnny Rocket has been doing that since 1986.

Of course, saying Johnny Rocket’s burgers the best are overrated but after a few burgers either at their restaurant or at the airport where they clap and dance to 80’s hit songs, I admit I like Johnny Rocket. 

Their burgers are enormous and it seems like I should not eat for few days, I need to work my ass out of these burgers, as I would put it an “exorcism of carnivore devils”. 

The price range for burgers are RM 15 to RM 20 and it is not only serving burgers but pasta and steaks too though eating a pasta at burger joint same as eating a salad in an ice cream parlor. 

Here are the burgers.. I am sorry I could not identify which burger is which because I am not a burger police.

Another thing, try the milk shakes. You’ll thank me later. 



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