Tarte Eyebrow Mousse in Medium Brown

I am lazy when come to applying makeup to work. The only thing I managed and willing to do is applying tinted lip balm. 

After I purchased Tarte eyebrow mousse in medium brow about 2 months ago, I have neat and I could say awesome eyebrows to work everyday. 

This is the one product that I bring and apply everyday. 

              image from Sephora.com 

It is so easy to apply with angled brush that comes with this mousse and since I have this marvelous product, I don’t even pluck my eyebrow anymore. 

Say YAY! to full eyebrows! 

The staying power are reasonable and did last for 8 hours at least. I even swam with these eyebrow
mousse in the sea and it stayed! Faded a bit but it didn’t went total vanish. Perhaps because of the sea salts… 

The bad thing? There are only 3 colors available Taupe, Medium Brown & Rich Brown, which it can be a bit too dark for those who aren’t into dark brows. 

The price are RM 110 at Sephora Malaysia. 

Here are the pic of before I found eyebrow mousse.. 

After I found and learn how to do my brows properly… 

Much much better. 

Have a great day, peeps! 


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