Movies Day

Movies Weekend 

This is one of those days where I love to watch movies to spend my weekend at  home.  It was pretty depressing movies I watched which both of them do not end in happy endings. Still, love them and at least I don’t  feel my weekend was wasted. 


One line of review: SAD !!!! 

It is Guillermo Del Toro movie after all…have you guys seen Pan’s Labyrinth? I kinda like his movie as much as I like Tim Burton’s movies or Christopher Nolan’s movies. 

Anna Karenina (2012)

Extra Large Movie Poster Image for Anna Karenina

Short Review: Count Vronsky should have been brunette . Beside, the actor real hair is brunette and he looks good in brunette.The movie:  If you want some theatrical and over the top cinematography, this would be it. 

Escape From Planet Earth

I need happy endings and cartoons seems to be the best choice. Don’t judge me. 
Did you see what emotional turmoil I have endured while watching those 2 movies above..  I need happy endings. It is like happy therapy movie.

The truth is, I never knew this movie until they aired in HBO ..opss. One glance I thought it was Megamind movie,…another blue alien guy?

Remember him? 

Short Review: Quite predictable movie and light-hearted animation.Fun for keeping kids quiet for one and half hours.

I hope you guys had a great weekend and til next time. 


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