Mark And Spencer

Mark And Spencer

Autograph “Inspire” Eu De Toilette

When I dream, this is what I smell. A smell of soft flowery scent lingering on my nose and makes me dream all the sweetness
slumber. OKKKAAAYYY!!! I love the smell.. thus I could not describe a detail on how it smell and compared it to other perfume.
I don’t own much perfume.

Though in my own words, this scent have this “mature” scents. A scent that only 30 years and above would love it and
suitable with this smell.

If you like fresh scents… this isn’t one. If you like strong scent.. this isn’t either. IF you like “I-feel-mature/professional” scent, this is
it. It is suitable for work and I don’t think you will be drawing too much attention to yourself because of the smell.

Since I have this perfume phase, I like to wear it when I sleep too. It’s relaxing actually.

HAA!!! Soft, Relaxing and flowery scent is exact words I describe this Eu de toilette.

Too bad it doesn’t last too long… just keep spraying..spraying..spraying..

Here are the ingredients for those who are curious

Price : RM 99.

Packaging/Bottle: it’s round and traditional perfume bottle. No excitement like Lolita Lempicka or Victory Secret’s perfume.

Will I repurchase it again?: Depends on my mood of course ^_^

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