One Day Trip

Genting Highland

I’ve always enjoy myself going to Genting Highland. It is not only the amusement park that I am aiming for but it is a great one day trip with my sis on start of 2013. I did earlier plan going to Genting with bunch of my colleagues but they are pretty on and off about it and I feel like going with or without them, I mean it is only one hour to reach there.

Cable Car to reach Genting Highland. A must for everybody ^_^

   So why wait, right?

I didn’t went to outdoor amusement this time. It is very relaxing just by walking around and see the best artificial city inside a building.

The things we did there was 4D motion master, which I guess you all probably know, sit on a chair with 3D sunglasses that won’t make anybody looking swag and it moves like in the movie. It was OK. Just for laugh!

 photo credit: Genting Haunted Mine

Nothing special. After that we went to Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum, that museum was fun! Serious fun, at least for me who are pretty much into museums and all.

To see and read all the weird stuffs Mr. Ripley’s discovered while he traveled the whole world.I am jealous of his job! ^_^

Here are some of his discoveries in the museum. 

He is pretty shy at first…
 Hold on,Sis! You can do it!

Love Love this mirror! 

 We’ll see how lucky I will be!

Dentist chair for children in 1904. I feel lucky now..

It was a practice for husband for which if he think his wife gossiping too much, he will put this Scold’s Bridle Collar on his wife neck. It was a humiliating device.

Lastly, we went to Haunted Adventure, it was werewolves theme and we were given a laser gun to shoot some worm creatures around the maze. It was fun as  I did feel like Sam and Dean from Supernatural. ^_^ 

photo credit: haunted adventure 

 The bad part is, I didn’t know how many points did I score as there wasn’t any scoreboard 😦 The guy just took the gun and escort us out…booo..
After all that, we had dinner and we retreat to our “suites” and rest for the night has come and sang us a lullabies of the misty mountain.

This is our “suites” for the night… at Theme Park Hotel.

                                 Price per night on Sunday: RM 118

 Not a fancy mancy room but decent one night stay. 
That’s all for now! good bye and have a great start 2013 from me and me sis. 
p/s: some of the pics are not mine and some of  it was taken from phone camera. 

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