Avon Purple Haze

On my previous post, I reviewed 2 Avon palettes and yet only one I wore and I know some of you wondering if Purple Haze is any better.

1 answer, YES! JA! JO! IYA!  (that would be  4)

It was absolutely wonderful to work with such a beautiful palette like Purple Haze. It may not be really stand out purple but my gosh, I will give Avon an applause…

 (photo credit: applause)

I love how easy it blend with other colors. I am mainly using from Purple Haze palette.

Pretty, no?

I wore this look when I went out with me sis, my beloved partner in crime.Oh yes, how was preparation for Christmas? I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! 
Perhaps if you are stuck on gift giving this year, you can buy this palette instead! ^_^ 
It is not high-end product but it gives a beautiful finish and I am sure this would blown any women brain to dust and turns into glitters. ^_^ 

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