Sleek Palette

A Sleek 13 Dwarves, A Wizard and A Hobbit and The Make UP.

Here and Back again, Peter Jackson is back to bring us the magical The Hobbits: An Unexpected  Journey and here I am watched it twice now at the cinema. Obsess much?I guess. Such an adorable dwarves but personally I wouldn’t want them in my house too! ^_^ such a rude guests! 

I am not talking about bunch of Dwarves now, that for others to comment on their blog. I am 100% supporting LOTR/The Hobbit trilogy all the way. There will be no negative comments on the movies. I am here because this is the look I did when watching 13 dwarves killing orcs.

I had bought a Sleek Makeup palette in Storm, one word. Impress. 

This palette is by far the most pigmented palette I ever owned so far. It has a beautiful finish and I am utterly pleased with whatever I paint my eyelids with this palette. I feel like a pro! ^_^ 

 I haven’t managed to take pictures or to blog about my so-called look of the day because I will usually already fashionably late at that time ^_^

Here are the look. A simple brown smokey-ish look with a bit of green on outer lid. Just a weee bit. It looks like black but in person, it is a dark green.

Colors that I chose are….
 Used: Maroon color, I suppose? Dark Red-ish.

  Used: 3 natural colors and Dark Green. 
 Used: Far Left, Dark Brown.

That is all, I guess. Nothing out of extraordinary. Though I really recommend of Sleek Makeup palette. It is very pigmented even without any primer. ^_^ Thanks for reading and strolling on my pictures. Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion on which Sleek Makeup should I will be getting next …^_^ 


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