I see smoke 

 Essence Smokey Set
Again? you might say. I replied “The Essence of smokey is irresistible” .  True, it makes your eyes sexy…. Thank you for somebody who created smokey look. I bow to you. 
My product of the day is Essence Smokey Eyes set.
It is cheap and I can’t resist not to buy it. go figure (eyes rolling). 
Before you jumped from the bed to buy this stuff, I think you can skip this one. 
It’s ok for quick eye make up when your whole make up stash is blown into pieces by giant evil bugs. 
The point is, I don’t recommend this. 
There’s 2 colors, blackish purple (it looks more black in person) and purple. 
Texture of blackish purple color is somewhat creamy, very sheer creamy.

Purple is ok, quite pigmented. 
As you can see here,this is dark creamy purple alone.
 After apply purple on top of it… 

After applying matte black, taaddaa.. smokey is born. Much better. 

My conclusions is, Smokey is Useless without Matte Black. 
There goes my review on Essence Smokey Set. 
Til Next Time~  Happy Weekdays!~~

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