Return of the Red and Pink.

It is a rainy day and I am feeling a bit blue but I am sure I won’t let my lips turns blue as well.
What better color to put on your lip than Red or Pink. There are so many red/pink shades, I am clueless which one is
suitable for me. I am learning, pardon me. My lack of knowledge and my lack of enthusiatic putting on
lipsticks for most of my life takes a toll now. Fret not! As like any of you, I am now in a midst of finding and collecting
lipsticks. ^_^ 

Maybelline 065 Hooked on Pink

This is not Pink or I dont think it is, tell me if I am color blind. This color really stand out and suits for my tan skin.
It is a dark red with a lot of character. I feel like goth sometimes wearing it when I really apply it strongly.
you get the point.

Revlon 415 Pink In the Afternoon


Perfect color for my freshly cut and dye hair. My hair color is a bit blonde brown ( as the stylist said) and this shade of pink
blends well with my look. It stayed on very well and does not gives me a Joker smile when rain pouring down on my face.

After this itch, I will see if I want to buy more lipstick colors… hmmm


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