A Wedding and Make up


2 person in love tied a knot on 18th November 2012 and it was a friend of mine back while I was in Uni. It was a lively
wedding, minus heavy rain we have in KL currently. The theme was gold and very traditional.
My friend looked oh-so-gorgeous on her wedding day and I am sure she was pleased to see all of
her mischievous friends were there for her wedding.

Even though I wasn’t all that traditional with long maxi dress and long torquise cardigan, I am
happy just to be there and beside it would be troublesome to change clothes again as my sister and I
went to the city after the wedding. (opssss)

Here are my make up for the wedding.

Eyes: I am bad of recall what I put on my eyes but roughly, I used Dark Shadow palette and UD Naked palette ( Sin & Smog).

Eyebrow: Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara 

Face: Make Up Forever HD foundation

      Benefit Havana

      Mac Highlighting and Contouring

Lips: Revlon “Pink in The Afternoon”

Here are a sneak peek of Malaysian Wedding. 

This time the groom need to pass “gatekeeper” and have to pay some “ransom” to get to the bride. This tradition is almost faded and
I am glad it is still used in modern time ^_^

I hope Norsha and her husband is blessed with prosperity, health and love til end of time.

TIl next time! Hugs! Hugs!

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