Party Time

Retro Look 

On 19th October, company that I work with did some celebration to commemorate bunch of night crawlers like me, who basically slaving ourselves to work at night where most normal human works 9 am to 6 pm but for me and other 50 people working hour are exact opposite 9pm to 6 am. It is considering not a bad timing as we followed US time zone and it is not a shift job.

Anyway, we chose “retro: disco/rock and roll night” but I am guessing some people get it all wrong for rock and roll part~ it supposed to be Elvis rock and roll or Beatles rock and roll, not Avril Lavigne rock n roll or Kiss rock and roll.. sheessh people! Whats done  is done, I do not want to dwell into small matters…… BUT SERIOUSLY?!!! AVRIL LAVIGNE IS NOT RETRO ROCK N ROLL LOOK! ok ..ok .. relaaxx..

Moving forward, my look is based on Lisa Eldridge’s MOD look. Cut crease and full of lashes! I am proud of my make up that night
even though it wasn’t perfect as I did only less than 15 minutes… but it stayed on til the next morning! ^_^
*pat on back*.

Here’s the look….

Up close and personal….

This is my interpretation of 60’s look. This shirt is the most retro-est piece of cloth I have in my closet. 

Yellow palazzo pants is not that retro but it is oh-so-comfy to run around. ^_^ 

I would like to say MakeUP Forever HD foundation is the best foundation I ever have. It does not smear or faded  (of course with help of primer) and it gives me a full coverage without feeling cakey.

On top of the foundation, I  dusted all over my face with Benefit’s Havana. A great subtle shimmer face powder that gives a little glow on skin. It really does! ^_^

Lisa Eldridge 60’s look.
I know I am a bit late on posting this as I have non other things post about. lol! Have a great weekend!


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