Remove Your Crap On Your Face Routine

Eucerin  Make Up Remover

I’ve been using this remover for almost month now. So without further a due, let me start by listing out the pros and cons.


2. Remove all of my make up, not specifically for eyes or lips.
3. Feeling fresh and squeaky clean.
4. It does not break me out
5. It does not make my skin reddish like some make up remover.
6. Effective remove waterproof make up.
7. It is a facial cleanser, toner and make up remover all in one. (though I’ve often cleanse my face again).


1. I mean if you considering hard to travel with big bottle, I can always put it in another small container ^_^

2. It really pain in the ass to bring while traveling without thinking “shit, I need to buy facial cottons to remove make up”.

For those who doesn’t bother about using a lot of facial cottons, this is great buy.  You can feel your skin breathe. ^_^ 

Have a great day!

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