Travel with Open Mind

Penang : Another Island Paradise

After 4 days being in Penang, I’ve often wanting to go back there. The old buildings, the laid back environment and scrumptious foods. I bought my family here as my dad keep talking about wanting to go back to Penang after he was here back in 1995, while he was in a band. Fortunately, he was really active to walk around and seems to know around there again. Bring back memories he said as he talked about how he and his musician friends ate at “Jimi Hendrix Alley” or now it is been called “Line Clear Restaurant” at wee hours after playing music and met with bunch of colorful people of Penang. It made me glad to bring my family here.

It is no surprise that Penang is go to destination for tourist. Local and international. Even I am hooked~ ^_^

This is a perfect weekend. 

May all our Weekends are perfect!


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