Weird Find On Saturday

Charcoal Bread 

Maybe you’ve heard it but hell sure I didn’t until yesterday when I was like hungry wolf searching for a prey and what do you know, I found Charcoal Bread. It does not taste like Charcoal (thank god) but it tastes like 
Sweet Bread, I mean very sweet bread and ultimately soft bread that melt in my mouth…. 

Ok… This has been my greatest discovery in terms food hunt. I am starting to be addicted to this Charcoal bread… I got it at The Baker’s Cottage and I’ve always love Bakers Cottage since high school but I rarely spot the franchise anywhere since I moved to another state. (sad face). 

I guess this discovery rekindle my love for breads. ^_^ 

 There is some website said charcoal has health benefits, but then again, every food has health benefits except for junk  foods, but still I am not talking about nutrition. This is simply a joy of eating. 

                                                                  More on Charcoal bread …..


Baking Diary : how to baked charcoal bread 

Cathy’s Joy: Recipe for trying if you want?

 Have you try this Charcoal Breads?


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