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Man Sues His Wife For Being “Fake” Beauty 

The moment I see the title, I just need to read this. I think mostly people wouldn’t agree with his husband and said badddddd thing to him as being shallow and such but as a Libra and a true Libra, I don’t support any parties, wife nor husband.I mean, seriously, this is exactly what happen when someone try to change everything about their appearance. 

Perhaps the wife just want someone to love her how she look like and she get exactly what she want, is it? Harsh, I know but when someone does not love for your personality and your quirks, it usually does not last long.
For the husband, he is one stupid fella. Even though the kid is ugly (which is obviously shallow statement), that kid won’t be ugly forever, that where make up plays a part! If its a boy, then style or perhaps he is one genius kid… isshh.. Stupid shallow husband and he won in the court for having a “fake” beauty wife with men as the judges (surprise…surprise).  My prediction is, he will remarry to another fake beauty, perhaps fake boobies at least. ^_^ 

Here are the news from yahoonews.

” No, it’s not just a brilliant bit of photoshopping, this is the same woman, before and after cosmetic surgery. Definitely a case of nip tuck wizardry but why’s this making headlines around the world? Because her husband (now ex) has taken her to court and won a $120,000 settlement for being duped by her ‘fake’ beauty.

The crazy ruling has taken place in China and started after Jian Feng and his wife (who’s still unnamed despite her picture being beamed across websites around the world)  got pregnant with their first child. The man described his daughter as ‘incredibly ugly’ when she was born and said she resembled neither him nor his wife. And so Jian began to accuse her of cheating on him. After months of false accusations, Jian’s wife couldn’t take the strain any more and decided to come clean – no, she hadn’t had an affair, but the reason their daughter looked nothing like her was because in fact she’d spent $100,000 on dozens of plastic surgery procedures to transform her looks. Only she’d never told her husband about her little makeover. 

So naturally, what would a loving husband and father do? Divorce his wife of course and win the whopping payout (awarded by a male judge, surprise surprise). Hmm, you’ve got to wonder what kind of man would shun his own child because he thinks she’s too ugly – one who was shallow enough to only love his wife for her looks, perhaps?”

                                                                        The Wife.

 The morale of the story is, I should keep out reading this kind of stupidity.

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