Palette: NYX Crimson Amulet Collection

NYX Crimson Amulet Collection 

I jump on a bandwagon again, a bandwagon that leads me to craziness of having a cute packaging and a cool looking palette. It happened on Naked Urban Decay and now NYX Crimson Amulet. It is inspired by movie “Dark Shadow” starring Johnny Deep and it is limited edition collection. I am not sure how “limited” it is because I think this palette out in May this year… hmm…but anyway.. I am glad I purchase this palette. 

Before I bought anything, I love to read reviews to seal my deal of purchase so it made me feel conveniently happy that I bought a good wearable palette, though it influence my purchase only 25% of it,..hence the quotes that I love is ringing on my mind “Veni, Vidi, Vici (I came, I see, I conquered)” at the moment. 

I think everybody would be fooled by the packaging that look like a book…


As you can see, it is a gorgeous palette… I can’t stop looking at it… ah! it feels like love at first sight….
Eyeshadows:  Color pay off is excellent. Every color this palette is pigmented and easily blend. I found it very very smoothly on Jumbo pencils especially to boost the colors more on eyelids. ^_^ 
 Lipsticks:  It’s very generous of them to add 4 colors in this palette, I love how to suits my skin tone. ^_^ 

Highlighter: Yet another generosity to add in this palette. This highlight isn’t too shimmery nor too sheer, it just nice. ❤

Blusher: 5 blushers? They are very very generous again with this. What a bargain~ though people complaint it is too small to fit a big blush brush but I just I can always uses my fingers and swipe it over and blend it with a brush afterwards. Problem solved. Blusher colors as well are suitable for every skin tone which is absolutely wonderful. 

Bonus: They even give Primer and Eyeliner ^_^ 


I have half of the swatches from this palette to show how pigmented these eyeshadows are. Why half? Because the other half are natural colors hence it blends to my skin  and it won’t showed in the pictures.. 

Without primers and flash

Without Flash

Ingredients for those who cares: 

Sample looks

I have done a sample of eye look using this palette. Mind the exergeration of photoshop, I can’t help it, it is almost Halloween. ^_^ 

Thank you for coming! ^_^  

Til next time! 

kiss! kiss! 

Where I purchase this? 


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