Make UP

Oh You Made Me Blush..

This make up look is quite over the top for me ..not in the pictures.. but in real life. I usually don’t fill-up my brows and I don’t wear too much bright on the cheeks either. I like things subtle but for my make up experiment today because of one boring morning, I’d read an article Tips For Doing Makeup For Photographs. from  Hair and  Make Up by Steph and I wanted to try those tips and basically how I look like when my face is fully made up 100% (not really 100% as I don’t wear eyeshadow …^_^) 
Product that I used:  

Meiko Foundation in 150 
120 palette and blush in Dark Pink 
Hooked on Pink 
Ardell False Lashes and Doll Lashes. 
That is all I was wearing and trust me, I’ve put a lot of those products on my face. 
I’ve buffed the blush as red and possible and brows, I have thicken it as much as my brow let me and face is heavy from putting quite much of the foundation. Particularly that foundation is already thick with one swipe. 
The result, a face that I feel like a clown without any proof my clown-ness. I admit, it does work. I don’t look very made up. Beauty of camera flash! ^_^ sooo.. that how girls with beautiful make up looks like in real.. hmmmmm…. 

For this, it triggers me to try more looks, What’s Next? 

Have a great weekend!


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