Weekend Make up

Saturday is here !! 

Woop! woop! Weekend  is here! I started to play with make up again! well.. to be exact to put on make up after so long…. well.. not that long anyway! ^_^  I don’t have a consistency of putting on make up but if I do, this is what happen!
A mess called Shareena 
My eye make up look is no inspired theme. Just rediscover what I have in my make up vanity. ^_^  

hmm… is that chocolate cake?

 yess… chocolate cake makes me happy… 

another round? please???


120 palette 
Wet and Wild coloricon Comfort Zone 
Wet and Wild Coloricon Vanity (for my brow) 
Meiko Foundation 
Benefit’s Hervana Face Powder 


Maybelline Colorsensational 065 Hooked on Pink! 

Perhaps this saying to myself  “Welcome to 30’s!” 

Have a great weekend, gals! ^_^ 


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