Mask Attack! 

Following up with my craze mask shopping few days ago. 

Day 1: Grape Seed Mask 

There wasn’t any descriptions on the package. “Moisturizing and Anti-Oxidant” that is all describe the mask.
The good part first, it gaves me a cooling effect on my skin after 5 minutes of putting it on. Yes, AFTER 5 mins.
Usually I will experience cooling the moment I put on it but this is different case, though
I am not sure whether it is a good thing or a bad thing. So moving on, after cleanse my face to perfection
I’ve put on this mask and wait til 15 mins up and the bad thing follows, it drips… the water on the mask is
dripping on my neck and it made it quite difficult to enjoy it. Perhaps that is “cooling” effect?
Overall, I look refresh when I woke up and everything is good for now. ^_^

Day 2: Orange Face Mask

It describes this mask as Nourishes, Moisturises and Brigthens. How it measured? It does brigthen! It actually brighten
my skin or perhaps I am too tired after work that my vision increases to the maximum, who knew?
Though tiredness or not, I know it does work on first application. ^_^ Brigthens!
The bad? It still contains too much water, it drips all over my neck.
The good? Smells mildy orange, refreshed my skin soon after I put it on and brightens!

So give it a go if you have access to this mask. I should buy more of this ^_^ So I could glow in the dark!
Have a great friday! ^_^ 

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